Black Candles: The Void

June 04, 2019

How To Use Black Candles

Black candles are grounding cords into the universe. It is a wide subject to cover but in time you will feel what I’m talking about once you’ve used this power after several times.  Black candles are not grounding cords into the earth, it grounds into a subsection of the universe which is accessed from inside of the black candle itself.


It is important to understand that the energy work that I am describing is NOT actually going into outer-space like the Moon or Jupiter. Lighting a black candle is connecting you to another dimension within the environment you are physically located at.  Connecting to this other dimension is in fact a part of our “earth-universe”, if you will.  It is important to understand the difference because I don’t want you all to imagine your mind actually going to Jupiter or the Moon, that would defeat the purpose.  Utilizing this other dimension is a lot like when you are dreaming, meditating or using your psychic abilities to communicate; it is all performed in our consciousness while our physical bodies are here on earth. That is the most healthy and energizing way to do it. Otherwise you will be drained, tired and feel really weird!!

Black candles connect you to utilizing a dimension that is very specific to healing and grounding your mind, body and physical space. So how does it work? And what are you actually doing?

It works by using your consciousness to activate the candle with  your intention. Your mind’s intention when using a black candle would be to suck out all positivity and negativity from around you. It works just like a Black Hole.  After you’ve set the intention for your black candle it begins to work once the candle has been lit.  As you work with energy and as you connect with people places and things, you may notice that positive and negative residues build up and it can be difficult to get rid of it.  Also if you are connecting with your spiritual guidance, it can be hard to differentiate the words and pictures they are sending you, because your communication channels are clogged!

So, if you light a black candle with the intention of it absorbing all of the static positive and negative energies, you may notice wonderful clarity in your spiritual communication.  You may wonder, where does all of this go? Well, remember you’ve connected your black candle into another earth-dimension. While you, your mind and thoughts are here on the physical plane, the collections of positive and negative static energy is sucked out from around your physical space and into the VOID. Once it is in the VOID the positive and negative energy collapses upon itself until it dissipates and turns into neither positive nor negative energy.  It is now neutral.  Neutral energy is a lot like the number “0”.  Now there is simply potentiality.

While working with black candles, remember that you are energetically clearing and cleansing your physical space. The emphasis is physical, because a lot of psychics and people who think they are psychic, like to mentally go to different places in their mind other than  where they are currently at; which is usually somewhere boring, like the grocery store or work.

And while many of us claim that we can’t connect to our Angels and Spirit Guides, the truth is that you probably are communicating, but your Angels can’t get through your psychic channels because it’s clogged with energetic residue from the fight you had with your boyfriend over the phone last week. Or your channels are probably clogged from worrying about your finances.  I know I worry a lot about that! Your channels can even be clogged with positive energy, such as “being in love”. When you are in love, your mind I’m sure is preoccupied with thoughts about your lover.  Or, if you are overly excited about how you won a game last night, you could be amped up for days and that natural high is a distraction to hearing your guidance.  During these super high or super low times in our lives along with people who are either super high or super low in their lives, it can create “chatty-chat-chat” energies in our aura that need to be drowned out in order to focus and connect with spirit world.

So go to your local metaphysical shop and buy some black candles, they are extremely helpful.  Especially if you are having difficulty in differentiating what your Angels or Spirit Guides are saying.  I know many people can sense them around and can feel that they are trying to say something, but can’t ever really understand exactly what they are trying to say. That’s because we need to dissipate the positive and negative energies, ground them out to ZERO and at neutral point CONNECT!

Next Steps…

1. Buy Black Candles

2. Sage them

3. Set your intention for your black candle: Envision them as a Black Hole or The VOID

4. Lite your black candle to ground out the energies in your immediate physical space

5. Allow to burn until you feel the environment neutralized. ( you may even experience visuals of energy getting sucked into the candle, just like a vacuum!)

6. Once the black candle is burned out, just throw it away in a proper trash receptacle. (don’t be silly and bury it in the ground or anything like that!)

Don’t think too hard about doing this, it really isn’t a big deal and don’t make it all Woo-Woo. Just clear out the “junk and funk” as well as the “roses and stars” so you can get on with hearing or seeing what your spiritual guidance is telling you.  If anything at all it is more for THEM than you.

Take Care,


Clairvoyant, Medium and Healer

{photo:candle and smoke by Grant Grillo} {photo: swirls by Hapal} {photo: balance scales by Svadilfari}