Sage: White Ceremonial Sage for Cleansings

June 04, 2019

Sage is Wonderful to Use:

Many Light Workers and people involved in spiritual practices use white sage as a form of clearing or cleansing a space from which to work from.  I use white sage myself almost everyday!  For those of you not familiar with white sage, it is a dried herb that is either used in loose leaf form or bundled with string. To clear negative energies, the dried sage is lit, burned, and then blown out, to create a steady stream of smoke.  The smoke produced is said to clean out negativity and drive away the bad spirits.  The smoke is waved through the air in circular waves with a bowl or shell to catch any burning embers that may fall.  It has been passed along from Native American traditions and is used today quite frequently.


Dried white sage can get expensive to purchase, but it lasts a long time and is very effective in neutralizing any negative spots in your aura or around the environment.

A little sage goes a very long way.  But how does it really work? I have clients ask me, how does the smoke from a dried leaf really drive away evil spirits or negative energies? The answer is: “I don’t really know”. But I akin it to aromatherapy. Good smells like roses, lavender and lemon drive away stinky smells. So could it be that the smell of white sage smoke can help drive away the stinky energies too? Also many intrinsic chemical properties in items on a physical level will have the same effect on the energetic levels.  Kind of like lemons are naturally refreshing, so to use the essence of lemons will also freshen the air. Drinking lemon water, juice or adding lemons to any diet, cleanses the blood too. The use of lemons work on the physical level: the body and in the air.  I also have used real lemon essence oil in sprays to clear energies, and I have found it to also work great.

Sage intrinsically on a chemical level acts as an anti-inflammatory and as a deodorizing agent.  When burned, it emits negative ions in the air which neutralizes negative vibrations that we feel physically and emotionally.  But apart from how it works, just use it, to experience for yourself. If it works or not will be up to you to decide.  Sage has a very strong pungent smell, so sometimes I will spray the outer leaves with my favorite essential oils and allow it to dry before burning. Caution: Depending on where the sage was grown, if burned the smell may have some resemblance to it smelling like someone is smoking pot, so be careful to keep your surrounding areas aerated properly.


When Should You Use Sage?

1. Use Sage when your energies feel depleted.

2. When unwelcome visitors have overstayed their “welcome” {physical and spiritual guests}

3. During Spring Cleaning

4. Burn Sage around the perimeter of your home or apartment surroundings after you have recently moved-in

5. When purchasing objects from a thrift store or auction, burn sage around the object to get rid of old emotions whether it be good or bad emotions. {foreign energies are best neutralized}.

6. Burn sage around the interior of your home anytime you feel the need to cleanse

7. If you are a person that has a lot of stress from work and must handle a lot of people throughout the day, I definitely recommend burning the sage smoke around your aura at least once every other day or so. Just wave the smoking sage around your body once or twice. Don’t make it a big deal, let the sage do the work for you.

I love to Sage, I have found it very useful.  A friend of mine, Scott had terrible itching all over his body every night. It was so bad, it would wake him up in the middle of the night.  There were really no medical explanations for it from his doctors and they wanted to prescribe expensive medications to see if it would work. But they didn’t know what would work. He had no allergies.  After speaking with his spiritual guidance, they suggested that he sage his aura, in order to get rid of other peoples’ thoughts and emotions that had contaminated his energy field.  He didn’t believe it to be truly helpful, but had nothing to loose, so he started burning the sage and cleaning his aura twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed.  After about a month of this, the itchiness eventually faded away.  I mean who really knows what was goin’ on there!  I mean I don’t understand it myself and neither does He, but it worked and he didn’t have to suffer a useless medical bill from the doctors prescribing useless medicines. It has been well over 5 months since the itchiness started and it has not returned. He sages his aura regularly about once a week as a part of his own maintenance.

Of course I cannot offer medical advice, but I wanted to share an experience a friend of mine had that was very practical and real! Maybe you too will find Sage to be useful in your life.



{photo by: Llima}