Where Do Our Thoughts Go Once We’ve Thought Them?

June 04, 2019

Help Me Shamalah-Allah! I’m Drowning in my Own Thoughts and There is No Escape!!!

There are tons of thoughts that race through our minds each minute of the day. But do you ever think to wonder where does all of those thoughts go?  It just makes me tremble to think about it! I thought of natural disasters happening the other day and also about a baby dying.  There are things that go through my mind and I don’t even know where it comes from.  Sometimes I have random thoughts about cars racing or a tree falling.  Other times I will remember about a fight I had with my mom or I’ll have a thought about how lucky I was that I didn’t run over that kid that suddenly jumped in the street.  Some thoughts I have are more positive, like when I first walked my little doggie Nikki when she was a little puppy or how I first learned Reiki.  I also think about how grateful I am for a warm place to sleep at night and how my immune system had improved so much over the years.  It feels so good not to get colds and flus several times a year anymore.  I also will notice how beautiful my plants are and how I love my little beta fish Sophie who somehow has lived for 3 years!: I do Reiki on her, don’t tell anyone!   ;  )


The thoughts I have everyday definitely can put me in a mood and the mood part is where I will focus.  Our moods definitely dictates how are day will go and also how it went.  We cannot always control our moods as well as the wise old sages will say to do.  I mean we can meditate all we want but if our father died and we think and remember that, I gather anyone will feel a lump in their chest about it.  Or if we remember how we lost our job, we can’t help but feel anger or upset about how that even went down.  So many times I would,  if I could control  all of my emotions, but I just can’t! Why?  Because we are emotional beings. Emotions are a fact and we can’t escape it. I mean, God created tear ducts in our eyes for a reason. Emotions are a gage for us and a reflection of the events that have touched our lives.  When we think of a good memory, say a walk on the beach with a lover, those happy times definitely will automatically crack a small smile.  That emotional reaction is a gage that tells us about that event.  So, we don’t deny our emotions whether they are good or bad.  Our thoughts will definitely illicit emotions and we allow those emotions to be just that, a reflection of what we are going through and what we have been through.

Happy or Sad? by MyLifeStory

So granted, we all have happy and sad thoughts and those thoughts illicit happy and sad emotions. So where does all of our thoughts go? Well, they go where you send them, either intentionally or unintentionally. And guess how those thoughts travel? Through the air, literally. After they are sent through the air, it lands inside of houses, objects, places, animals, plants and people.  But the effect of our thoughts mostly affects ourselves and goes straight into our physical body more so than anything else. Just think about that job interview you just had.  Did you feel good or bad, worried perhaps? Excited? Doubtful? – Well, those are the vibes you are sending to your interviewers and to your physical body.  Was your stomach queasy or did your head hurt after the interview?  That’s where the thought went- to your head. Okay, now let’s talk about that exam you just took?.  Do you feel confident that you received a good grade or are you hoping that you at least passed.  How does you body feel while you are experiencing those emotions.  Does your head hurt? Is your back tense? Or do you feel happy and light that you know you aced it?  Your body received those thoughts.  If you know you didn’t do well on the exam, but know in your heart that you did your best, are you feeling at peace with yourself? That peace you feel goes into your body.  Okay so now lets talk about your children, if you have them.  Do you love them? Or do you hate them because it was a big mistake that you ever had them?  Now is not the time to be in denial about your true thoughts.  Recognize the truth with it and notice where the emotion from that thought goes in your body. First of all, if you love or hate your kids, the thoughts were already sent to them multiple times.  The thoughts are sent to them as many times as you thought it, whether it be love, hate or any other thought.  That is how we all have a sense about things, even though no one actually said anything.  No one had to say anything because it was already communicated in the thought!

People will say, now wait a minute Shamalah-Allah, just because  I thought I hated my spouse for one second doesn’t mean I hate them.  I mean we all have those kinds of thoughts now and then, so what? Well, the “so what” about it is when we do not recognize them and release them.  Many physically and psychological ailments are connected to emotional stresses experienced in the mind and body.  These stresses were experienced, yes.  But they were not recognized, honored as valid, and then not processed, and then finally released.  How many of us have experienced being dumped by a girlfriend or boyfriend without a proper explanation and we were left hurt and dismayed.  Those emotions continue to stay with us and recycles in our heads, over and over and over and over! Sometimes for many times for years before it is finally gone.  Or maybe that pain just stays with us.  The pain that stays with us keeps creating a stress inside of the body.  The emotional stress can be placed in our knees, heart, head, stomach or any place in the body.  Usually the head and stomach areas are pretty popular. Sometimes the pain can move around and travel throughout the body. You may think you are crazy when you experience a travelling pain in your body but it is as real as the sun is shining.  That stress is travelling around because it is looking for an escape out!

So the idea is not to say you should not have experienced the thoughts or emotions. Whether we even label it as good or bad is really not important either.  We each will label our own emotions as good or bad and experience it as such.  The idea, is to say that you experienced it, recognize it and figure out how to release the thoughts and emotions that are not serving you in a constructive manner.  If we can figure out the root of our pain and fix it, then great.  Many times we may not be able to right away.  It can take time for a problem to work itself out.  It can take time for us to change our thoughts in our minds.  Sometimes no matter what we do, we can”t change how we feel, we just fee it and that’s it! So the point is to do something to release it so that we don’t continue to allow the thought and emotional stress to build and build and build.

Releasing thoughts and emotional stress from the air and body are two different things.  In my previous blogs, I talk about burning the black candle, burning white sage and imagining the  yellow flame.  All methods use the element of fire.  Fire is a wonderful element that can destroy any unwanted vibrations in the air. Please refer to those blog entries to assist you in neutralizing the unwanted thoughts that you may be unintentionally sending or receiving.  But what about our body? You can’t light a flame to that?! We don’t want to burn ourselves up.  For our body, we must do physical movements (air and earth element) and use the element of water to cleanse the stress out.

Happy Sad by Xinem


One of the best physical movements I know of to do is none at all. I let someone else do it for me ’cause I get so depressed sometimes, I can’t even move myself. It’s called a massage.  I especially get my feet done.  I go to a Reflexologist every other week.  And if you haven’t tried one yet, then I suggest you get crackle lackin’ on it now….  Another physical method of getting rid of stress is straight-up exercise. That could be lifting weights or gentle yoga. I’m not going to talk about exercise, it is rather a weak point for me personally, but you all know what exercise is about.  The times that I do exercise, it is very helpful to me, especially for my joints that like to make a creaking noise.  Another form of great stress relieve is the jacuzzi! And if you don’t have one, I am very, very sorry about that.  I have one in the apartment complex  where I live and I take full advantage.  Even if someone is already in there, I don’t care, I jump in anyway, because my situation is at that point!  Also a good hot/cold shower or bath can be just as healing.  Water is extremely healing and does wonders for your physical body.  I know some people may take 2 or 3 showers a day just to run the water through to alleviate congested emotional stress.  Massage, Exercise and Running Water.  These are very simple accessible things that any of us can do to combat the incessant thoughts that plague our minds everyday.

If you don’t have time to meditate or just can’t and you haven’t reached true enlightenment yet, well here are some ways to help alleviate the pain along the way! Remember: Run the water, move the body. Run the water, move the body!

Hope this helps. Now I’m off to go take a walk ’cause my right hip is stiff  :  )