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Ghede, The Guardian Spirit of the Dead

(This is a true story about a Spirit Guide needing help from their petitioner).   Marta’s Guardian Spirit, Ghede, Needed Her Help! A person can invite a spirit into their home without any intention or desire of doing so. This was the situation with one of my clients named Marta. She usually called for a […]

Angels Offer the Gift of Healing

Angels Offer the Gift of Healing: Angels will always offer the gift of healing.  The time out of your schedule and quiet space offered to them for this healing is up to you.  Angels work in many different capacities, however in order to receive their Light or healing energy, one must be able to receive […]

Mind, Consciousness, Accepting Change

  Mind, Consciousness, Accepting Change – There are times when the Mind and Consciousness will naturally shift; this occurs with accepting change.  The Mind and Consciousness shifts frequently when we go through a life crisis. But what is the Mind and the Consciousness?  The Mind is that part of ourselves that we identify with as […]

Notice How You Feel

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE JUST RAISED YOUR VIBRATION! Remember how you felt, while looking at the above picture. Even if it was just for 1 second, it raised your vibration from a lower/slower rate, to a higher/faster rate. Did you feel relaxed? Calm? at Peace? I know I did when I first saw that picture. It’s beautiful, […]

Spiritual Healing and Working with the Universal Life Force Energy

All forms of spiritual healing is linked with one common presumption: A faith in the universal life force.  There are many different spiritual healing modalities from laying-on-of-hands to color therapy.  The common concept threaded in all of these modalities lies within the power of the universal life force.  This force, sometimes referred to as ‘Chi’, is […]

The Art of Silence

One of the most profound ways to change in consciousness is being present with others while they are suffering; that is enough It is a form of spiritual healing. Th emotional support you offer someone through your silence and listening is the act of acknowledging their strength and honoring their holy existence. -Shamalah-Allah

When Death Becomes Us

It is okay to talk about Death. It becomes us, it befalls us. It, meaning Death, is a perception of reality that is necessary to understand, so that we may become more accustomed to its ways and meanings. It, meaning Death, is a transitional period from one life to the next. It’s meaning can be […]


Eventually, all roads of healing will lead you to living in authenticity.  Being authentic with yourself and others means living out your own truth.  It requires us to untangle ourselves from the value systems of our social groups and to discover who we are and what we find important and valuable.  Authenticity sometimes takes an […]

How Do You Feel About Yourself?

Each time you speak, psychic energy is contained in the vibration of your voice.  Anyone whose had a reading with me knows that I connect to psychic information through the vibration of your voice.  I will also connect to the vibration of the first name of the person you are asking about. Asking the right […]