What is the “Psychic Eye” ?

Everyone has a “psychic eye”. But what is it really? First of all, it is not really seeing with your eyes. Psychic vision is “seeing” but the word “seeing” has a different meaning in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world “seeing” is used in the same way as the word “knowing”.  If a psychic person says “I SEE YOU”  it does not mean literally that the psychic can see you physically, like the color of your eyes, height, color, male or female. It usually means that they can see how you are as a person on the inside; they KNOW you.  Some may also call the “psychic eye”  “second sight”.

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Black Candles: The Void

How To Use Black Candles

Black candles are grounding cords into the universe. It is a wide subject to cover but in time you will feel what I’m talking about once you’ve used this power after several times.  Black candles are not grounding cords into the earth, it grounds into a subsection of the universe which is accessed from inside of the black candle itself.

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Psychic Attack


PSYCHIC ATTACK- “the transference of negative energy between two persons through the use of telepathic skills; the sender deliberately sends her or his feelings and thoughts of hate, jealousy, harm resentment, etc., their confused situation, their sickness, or their unpleasant circumstances; receiver feels uncomfortable, ill, or in a negative attitude and does not always understand that it is not of his or her own doing; easily transferable if there is a strong bond of love or hate between the two psychic persons and if one leaves their PSYCHIC DOORS open all of the time, or after a long encounter in which the two interacted, such as spending all day together….” (June G. Bletzer, PHd, The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary).

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