Life Cycles of the Mind

June 04, 2019





There are events that occur in the mind that are considered cycles. Life events also occur in cycles.  Life events are simply reflections of events that have occurred in the mind.  For example, when we conclude a relationship, such as in divorce, we have decided to end a cycle of development within our minds.  We perhaps developed trust within a partnership which may preclude us to develop a sense of belonging.  This relationship then advanced our mind in a direction of learning the value of taking time to be with others. 


Once we’ve learned how to belong and hence now know how to make time for others, we may not need the relationship that created the circumstances for our learning.  So we will end the relationship once it has served its purpose

Perhaps a baby is born and its life ended quickly, maybe after only a few weeks.  That baby’s life cycle was shortened because it only needed to learn how to adjust to the earth plane. Once it feels comfortable in our atmosphere, it will leave and perhaps decide later to come back and live to full adulthood, or not.  Not all souls will want to come here to learn.  A soul may feel inhibited about incarnating in our dimension, so it may try it out for a week or so and then leave (die).  That short experience with the baby on earth helps us all to learn how precious life is and to value it.  Choices are being made at different levels of consciousness, not just by what we see and think on the physical level.

These are concepts one should know because it is how life cycles work.  Many think of life cycles as the physical or numerical age of a person.  Spiritually, life cycles are determined by the experiences one has lived through as well as their level of understanding within their mind.  For example, a person may have a problem with telling the truth.  The experiences in their lives will reflect that level of consciousness, which is that of a liar.  However, they may not have completed that cycle of experience within their mind; they may still find great value in lying.  Therefore, the experiences in their life will reflect back as events a liar would have.  Maybe one day the liar may not see a value in lying anymore. Or the liar may continue seeing the value of lying and continue to do so.  We cannot assume that this person will change, they may not want to; therefore we respect and listen to what that person has chosen to do.  Once their mind has completed that cycle of experiences and learning, they may rely more on telling the truth.  Once that mental cycle is completed, there is a change in their life from that of a liar to someone that is more truthful or maybe not. Maybe they will still lie a lot, just not as much as before.

There are always varying degrees of how things change.  Just don’t ever expect the change to be to the level of your preference.  The level of change will always be equal to the level of one’s consciousness, whatever that might be. If they decided to be more truthful, they are first truthful to themselves and then to others.  We cannot judge how long the cycles last or at what age it should or should not be completed or begun. Cycles of learning can last for many lifetimes.  People who have worked with me long enough know to ask if someone in their life will change enough to a degree of compatibility “in this lifetime!”.  Yes, cycles of learning often times continue from this lifetime onto the next.  For the most part….what you see is what you get as far as people are concerned. Change at the mental and spiritual levels take lifetimes before it can be expressed consistently on a physical level.  You can often tell what changes has truly taken place by looking at the life events, that is the reflection of their mental learning and hence spiritual evolvement or de-evolvement- Remember that!

There is no need to judge.  The level of consciousness can evolve or de-evolve.  Each person decides for themselves which road to take in what they want to create for themselves.  Not all souls are interested in evolving as many may assume; therein lies our skill in discerning who to let in or to keep out of our lives.  If a person or situation is compatible for you, then great.  If it is not compatible for you, then choose differently so the outcome can be better in your life.  Drama does not need to necessarily play out negatively in your life.  Simply choose differently and consider the events in your life as a reflection of your level of consciousness, good or bad.

Change does not always happen, it is not always necessary, sometimes it occurs only when you are ready.

GreenfieldsArticle by Shamalah-AllahClairvoyant Medium and Healer