Notice How You Feel


Remember how you felt, while looking at the above picture. Even if it was just for 1 second, it raised your vibration from a lower/slower rate, to a higher/faster rate. Did you feel relaxed? Calm? at Peace? I know I did when I first saw that picture. It’s beautiful, colorful and relaxing. It made me feel good inside.

Angels are made of pure Light and Love, so doing things to put you in a state of peace and happiness allows Angelic Communication to be clear and consistent. Below is a list of suggestions that can help you RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!….be creative and add to this list with any comments you might have.

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The Art of Silence

One of the most profound ways to change in consciousness is being present with others while they are suffering; that is enough It is a form of spiritual healing. Th emotional support you offer someone through your silence and listening is the act of acknowledging their strength and honoring their holy existence.


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When Death Becomes Us

It is okay to talk about Death. It becomes us, it befalls us. It, meaning Death, is a perception of reality that is necessary to understand, so that we may become more accustomed to its ways and meanings. It, meaning Death, is a transitional period from one life to the next. It’s meaning can be very “stubborn” to most, in that we often think of Death as something final or stagnant in some way.  But Death is a necessary form of life. It is that form of life that lies in a restful state before it is reformed and/or rejuvenated to continue.

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Eventually, all roads of healing will lead you to living in authenticity.  Being authentic with yourself and others means living out your own truth.  It requires us to untangle ourselves from the value systems of our social groups and to discover who we are and what we find important and valuable.  Authenticity sometimes takes an entire lifetime to achieve because this state is not encouraged by our parents or peers, who usually want us to live our life in ways that are agreeable to them.  Ironically, their beliefs and values are probably not authentically their own!  People who are consciously living out their truth will know the spiritual importance of being authentic and allow others to do the same.

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How Do You Feel About Yourself?

Each time you speak, psychic energy is contained in the vibration of your voice.  Anyone whose had a reading with me knows that I connect to psychic information through the vibration of your voice.  I will also connect to the vibration of the first name of the person you are asking about. Asking the right question helps me sift through these millions of bits of information in order to hone in on what you need to know.  Ask the right question and you get answers that help you.  Most of my work however, involves people asking about how another person feels about them; rarely does anyone ask how they feel about themselves.

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Boundaries, Where Are They?

Each and every time I do a reading, it most often involves boundaries.  I am definitely not claiming to be the expert on boundaries, however, Spirit Guides and Angels give an awful lot of messages around them. For me, boundaries are a sensitive topic, I struggle with it all of the time. Hence the reason for this discussion.

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Channeled Messages from My Angelic Guidance: DREAMS

Dreams often times represent a toxic waste dump for all of the person’s unfulfilled thoughts, wishes and false hopes.  It may not actually have value unless proper action is taken. “Manifestation” is the preferred term we like instead of the word “dreams”.  Dreams in most cases (not all) represent wasted energy of thoughts without proper action tied to it.  These wasted thoughts get stuck in the mind to only relentlessly repeat itself until it becomes a big part of a regretful past.

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Our Basic Need For Love

The energy of love is extremely powerful. It is a need much like breathing itself.  It is important for us to realize that not all forms of love come in a pretty package.  For example, jealousy is actually a form of love; jealousy is to love what someone else has too much.  Sometimes love can be controlling.  It can feel like love can control your mind and make you do things and see things you’ve never thought to do before. You know the old saying: “Love is Blind”.

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How To Fight a Good Fight

Fighting Gives You Free Access To Real Information That You Did Not Intend To Receive

It’s official. You are in a fight. It is with your mother, father, brother, sister, in-law, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, dog, cat, lover, teacher, husband, wife.  Fighting is never fun and we usually do not have it on our “To Do List”. However, fighting can give you a better perspective about yourself without intending on it.  Many times when we fight it is usually over a control issue; it’s not about what they want, it’s about what you want. Simple math.

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Life Cycles of the Mind





There are events that occur in the mind that are considered cycles. Life events also occur in cycles.  Life events are simply reflections of events that have occurred in the mind.  For example, when we conclude a relationship, such as in divorce, we have decided to end a cycle of development within our minds.  We perhaps developed trust within a partnership which may preclude us to develop a sense of belonging.  This relationship then advanced our mind in a direction of learning the value of taking time to be with others. 

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