June 04, 2019

How can money reveal anything about me?

It’s a difficult topic but an enlightening one if you know how to look at it.


When I do readings for people, many times I look at the financial situation. Looking at how a person works with their money shows a lot. How is the money treated, valued, spent, saved, what is the emotional attachment or attitude toward money.

Money is really a symbol of how a person operates in the world. Here are some examples:

#1) One woman is in extreme debt, is about to loose her house and is paying a personal fitness trainer. Her major complaint is “I can’t get a man, and they say I use them for their money”


Interpretation: This person is looking for someone else to take care of her and will not want to ever finally take responsibility for her life. She will continue to loose money until she learns this lesson.

#2) One man is extremely rich. Has tons of savings and is very careful about how he spends, and watches every penny, BUT! He can’t find love.

Interpretation: This person can’t find love because he already found it. THE MONEY. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of it, but it is his main priority, to the point where he can’t trust anyone else or even know how to connect with another human being.

My point is that paying attention to a person’s relationship with their money will tell you whether they are responsible, giving, loving, angry, lazy, positive… the list goes on.

You don’t have to be psychic to make good observations and to notice patterns.

If someone you know makes a lot of money and looses a lot of money then they most likely do not see the value in many things in life.

If on the other hand there is someone who is always poor and doesn’t know why? They are most likely poor in spirit and can’t place any value on themselves to produce anything for themselves or anyone else.

The goal is to have balance and to look for actions within people that are constructive and positive and if you are having trouble seeing what that looks like, then I suggest that you look at the relationship with their MONEY!

I hope this was enlightening for you all, and good luck out there!

Love, Shamalah-Allah, Medium

{photo: “The Big Money” by David D Muir}