What are dreams? Channeled Messages

June 04, 2019

Channeled Messages from My Angelic Guidance: DREAMS

Dreams often times represent a toxic waste dump for all of the person’s unfulfilled thoughts, wishes and false hopes.  It may not actually have value unless proper action is taken. “Manifestation” is the preferred term we like instead of the word “dreams”.  Dreams in most cases (not all) represent wasted energy of thoughts without proper action tied to it.  These wasted thoughts get stuck in the mind to only relentlessly repeat itself until it becomes a big part of a regretful past.


As Angels, we spend a lot of time sifting through this junky pile of wasted thought forms and try to assemble it for you into a nice reality.  But sadly enough most people sink down into questioning their self-esteem and focus on fear.  Most wait for something to just fall out of the sky without taking any action steps.  The most common request we receive from our people is around new love and money.  Where is it?? We as Angels don’t know most of the time.  We search for love and money for you but instead find the wasted energy of dreams stuck in your head repeating over and over and over…

For dreams to be realized in the common everyday sense of the word, requires consistency in action and the ability to be flexible with goals and desires.  We don’t mind that you ask us for more money but are you willing to take proper action to acquire it?  As Angels we offer additional energy for you as human beings to feel the right feelings, such as: strength, desire, motivation, and courage to take action.  Often times we will even send you a mental picture or idea to carry out a plan to attain your so-called “dream”, but then you must actually “do it”.


As Angels we offer support and understanding for your desires, but financial wealth isn’t always necessary.  Utilization of current resources to gain an additional step toward better financial security is a more realistic task that one can easily perform in current time.  Action steps + short term goals accomplish feelings of high self-worth and forms new and healthier habits that last a lifetime.


Flowers: By Slithy


Instead of wishing and dreaming for a life partner, start going out and introducing yourself to new people.  Give us Angels something to work with.  How can we connect you to a compatible person if you mope at home every night and weekend.  How can you give another person your time when you think the world revolves around your schedule?


Dreams, in your understanding of the word, are really thoughts that you’d like to become reality. It is taking your thought and bringing it down into the physical everyday experience.  This act is not for the faint at heart.  It requires courage, persistent action, prayer and a willingness to change.


Shamalah-Allah does not care what you are seeking in your life.  If you ask the question, she will simply tell you what she sees and reflect back to you what you are creating for yourself.  If you are creating a garbage pail life, then she will tell you that you are creating garbage.  If you seek to re-direct yourself in a positive way, then you must ask for the help of your spiritual guidance: Master Teachers, Angels, Spiritual Guides and Ancestor Spirits.  They will give you guidance for the best path to take given your willingness to change.


Flowers: By billydl


Peace and Blessings,

Shamalah-Allah’s Master Teachers, Guides and ArchAngels