How Do You Know When Loved Ones are Around in Spirit?

June 04, 2019

One of my long-time clients asked me this question:

“How Do I Know When Loved Ones That Have Passed On To Spirit Are Around Me?”

So I asked her…

“Do you have conversations in your dreams about this person?”

She answered, “yes.”

“Do you suddenly have a thought and feeling that they are around you?”

She answered, “yes.”


Do you hear common things they would have said to you, echo in your mind?

She answered, “yes.”

“There you go!” I responded, “That’s how you know!”

“But, Shamalah! I can’t really hear or see them, so I how do I really know for sure?”

  • How do you know when you are in love?
  • How do you know when you miss someone?
  • How do you know when you are inspired?
  • How do you know when you found the right answer?

You FEEL IT, that is how you know.

There are countless other forms of communication from our loved ones, it is not just limited to the above mentioned three ways; but our American culture does not accept our FEELINGS as a legitimate source of information, yet it is the motivating force behind everything we know and do. Remember all of those times you have felt something that motivated you to do something or to have a relationship with someone. Wasn’t that real?

When someone has died, their physical body is gone but their Spirit is still alive and well. That part of us that is thinking and Feeling and Knowing is the closest way for me to describe our Spirits. It’s sort of like, no matter how much older we get we still feel the same inside right? We still feel like we are ourselves. Remember I said “we still FEEL” the same? Well, that is yourself, that part of yourself that survives death.

Because they are no longer in the physical vibration of existence, loved ones cannot communicate that same as they did in the physical body. So if your looking for something physical, like sitting down to dinner, or a big fat sloppy kiss, you’ll be very disappointed. Our loved ones talk to us in non-verbal ways; they communicate to us in ways that involve thought, dreams, feelings, and knowing, because those forms transcend the physical plane and that is what can make contact with our loved ones that have transcended the physical.

I always give people this simple example: We all know that dogs wag their tails when they are happy. It is a different form of communication, because they don’t have the same muscle structures and vocal cords in their bodies, but we as human beings have learned that when dogs are happy they wag their tails. They can’t smile or laugh, how ridiculous is that! So too with our loved ones. They can no longer physically speak or physically do things like us any longer here on the earth plane; there are the other aforementioned methods of keeping in touch with you. So instead of questioning it, learn it, accept it and look for the common patterns that you notice within your personal experiences.

If you had one experience with a communication from a loved one and it is hard to accept, then fine, we can say it was your imagination. But if it happens again, in the same sort of way OR in a different way with the same message attached to it, then BINGO!!! That is a pattern and you can have confidence that your loved one is speaking with you. So enjoy it and talk back!
And so how does all of this happen? How is it all possible? The answer is simple… LOVE. That powerful emotion, feeling, force, bond, energy, whatever you want to call it, makes it possible to still connect. All of you ladies out there, know what I mean! (And the other few oh so wonderfully aware gentlemen.) We know and feel when our loved one is thinking about us, and they are not dead, they are well alive….they are just not calling us by phone, right?

Don’t belittle or ignore the signs, this is very real just like your feelings are real. The dreams, thoughts, feelings, sudden memories, sudden usual sayings, and even sudden mental pictures are all real methods of speaking with you.

I hope this has helped all of you. Remember, keep those questions coming in!

Thank You, Suzanne for your question…
Thank you all for reading.

Love, Shamalah-Allah