The Path of a Spiritual Medium’s Soul: The Upperworld, Middleworld and Underworld Realms

Each Medium’s soul may be tasked with working in the upperworlds, middleworlds or underworlds of spiritual reality. Therefore the spiritual communication of each Medium will be different from each other and difficult to assess what is “good” to do as far as speaking with spirits.  I will not expand upon all of the information about the upper, middle or underworlds because it is too vast and I only have limited knowledge of each, but will use these terms as a reference to help us all better understand the sources of where spiritual and psychic information can come from; and to also better understand which realm the Medium’s soul is working in.

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ArchAngel Raphael – Burning the Yellow Flame

ArchAngel Raphael
Burning the Yellow Flame

Communicating with Angels can bring about wonderful change and insight. It can also help us with emotional and mental healing in methods that involve using energy. Using energy, I have found, is much quicker and heals conflicts on deep emotional and spiritual levels. It doesn’t require words or complicated techniques.
Messages from ArchAngel Raphael can assist us in tapping into these healing energies. Please read the channeled writings for your own healing. Notice that it is extremely short and easy.

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Earthbound Spirits

What are Earthbound Spirits?
Every now and again when called to communicate with a loved one who is in spirit, I come across a spirit that is earthbound. How can I tell? Well…

Many earthbound spirits are still existing on the earth dimensional plane. They are exactly the same as they were in life. The same personality, emotional isms, and most of all, they carry the tremendous burden of all of the unresolved issues they had while living on earth. Earthbound spirits are people who have died, but have not moved on to the next plane of existence. They are still living in our world, but they are in spirit form.

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