How to Listen to Our Angels

June 04, 2019

Listening to our Angels is like listening to the wind or watching the clouds pass by. It is about us paying attention to how we feel and listening to our inner voice that guides us through our daily lives and through difficult times.

As you live from day to day it is usually very noisy and demanding. We many times try to meet expectations put upon us and do the best we can in our competitive culture. But in the course of your day, if you were to stop and look at which way the clouds are moving, and to pay attention to the sound of the wind, you would be tapping into a very special skill. This would be the process of training your brain to stop, focus and notice subtle changes from your surroundings.


Watching the direction of the clouds and listening to the wind are actually significant changes that happen all of the time and actually dictate the weather, which is no small feat in relation to our earth system, yet it happens all of the time around us. We take it for granted and do not pay attention to it usually. So too with our Angelic guidance, our Angels constantly communicate to us and help us. It is only a matter of training our self to pay attention to it.

Everyday as you practice this technique of listening to the wind and watching which direction the clouds are blowing, notice your state of mind. That particular state of mind is where you would need to be to hear, feel or see your Angelic guidance. To hear, feel or see your Angelic guidance is something that occurs within yourself NOT outside of yourself (usually). To intuitively hear the thought, to feel the message and to see images inside of your Third Eye is the Angelic Guidance. This technique usually takes a lot of practice and time. It also involves risks.

When I first “thought” I heard my Angelic guidance, the first thing I heard inside of my head was a distinct thought in my own voice that said, “Yeah! We knew you could do it!” I felt I was going crazy. At the time I was going through a stressful separation with my first husband and practiced meditation and Reiki on myself as a form of relaxation. I actually had no intentions of communicating with Angels, I didn’t even know it was possible to do such things. I felt very strange because it was a distinct thought inside of my head that I did not think of it myself, yet it was in the sound of my own voice as if I thought it. So, instead of dismissing it, I asked “The Voice” “Who are you? What is your name?” and it answered back “We are Angels, I am ArchAngel Gabriel!” I of course could not believe it. But the experience was so profound, because the feeling I had when this occurred was very strange; it felt like almost a jolting feeling.

For about a year and a half, I continued to communicate with “The Voice” or ” The Angels”. During that time, I decided to first trust that what I was receiving was from Angels, because I prayed and meditated and knew that my intentions and belief in God was from a good place. I then started to read many books about Angels and about other people who claimed to have spoken with Angels. I spoke to other psychics and healers who also spoke with Angels and noticed many consistencies with my own personal experiences. I was developing a trusting relationship with my guidance, which took a lot of time and of me overcoming my fear. I then proceeded to take big risks. I told many of my friends and family. I wanted to ask the Angels questions for them to see what help they could offer. The validations kept coming through. The messages for people that were given were always very truthful, loving and very spiritual. The messages opened people up to new knowledge and strengthened their faith in God.

It wasn’t always easy to open my mouth about what I heard from the Angels, it required me to pay attention, to focus and trust subtle feelings and thoughts. Before sitting down to write how to best instruct people to listen to Angels, it was like a little whisper in my head. The thought came to me from my Angels, to tell people to practice with nature, to practice paying attention to watching the clouds and listening to the wind. Because like the clouds and the wind, Angels are always around you, it is a matter of paying attention and practicing on that type of attention.

If you follow the suggestions set before you, I guarantee that you will begin to understand the spiritual language of the Angels. For some of my clients it has taken them as little as 2 weeks before they began to notice the form of communication that took place; for others it took as long as one year. For me, I practiced self meditation and Reiki for 3 years before hearing my Angels and I wasn’t intending to.

Don’t think that I have a free pass in life, because I don’t. Listening to my Angelic guidance is wonderful and uplifting but it also carries a tremendous responsibility for helping others. And! you may find that the information that comes through will hold you accountable for many things you may like to ignore or belittle. Connecting with your Angels is something that I believe is a primary foundation before embarking on any Spiritual life. Angels will guide you, strengthen you and connect you to building a personal relationship with God.

Good Luck on your path to communicating with your Angels, you will not regret it!

Love, Shamalah-Allah