Aromatherapy: Spiritual Healing with Eucalyptus Oil

June 04, 2019

Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus oil is one of my favorite oils to use and mix with other oils.  Eucalyptus has an intrinsic medicinal use. It has expectorant properties and has an uplifting and warming effect.  It is used in so many medicines for upper respiratory conditions because it clears out viruses and bacterias.  It is considered an antiseptic.  So naturally when I use eucalyptus oil for my spiritual healing, it will naturally carry the essence or energy for cleansing and healing whatever is congesting your energy pathways to success.  I like to call them little traffic jams of energy that is floating around in your aura from work, family or from those stanky-janky people at work.  Little discords of thoughts and feelings can get trapped very easily in our heads.  These thoughts from our lives can get caught in our energetic body and sit and fester.


Do you every wonder why thoughts are repetitive inside of your head? Why you can’t seem to get what that person said out of your mind?  Why the past continues to haunt you even after it’s been worked out seemingly?  That’s because the by-product of that situation or it’s energy hasn’t completely vaccated your aura (the energy field that emminates outward from your phsycial body).   Even though a situation may have completed its cycle, there still can be residue left over from it – similar to ashes left after a fire.

Eucalyptus oil is great for cleaning out residual energy, it expells it out, just like it does medicinally for our congestion.

Eucalyptus oil is only one small example of how powerful aromatherapy can be.  Of course there are thousands of oils and scents that have varying effects.  Here is a list of only some of the common ones I use.

Lemon/Cinnamon/Patchouli/Rose/Chamomile/Cedarwood/Clary Sage/Clove/Frankincense/Geranium/Ylang-Ylang/Pine/Orange/Lavender/Tea Tree and many, many more.

Some of the magical oils I use:  Holy Spirit/Angels Speak/Clairvoyant Vision/Happiness/Joy/Road Opener/Overcoming Battles/Grounding/Gratitude/Secrets.

For anyone that knows my healing practice, I use a lot of magical and aromatherapy oils.  Working with these oils helps my clients connect with the thoughts and feelings that enhance healing.  Aromatherapy oils illicit smells that put us in the right mood; being in the right mood connects us to better focus and restores correct thinking to bring about more constructive action and therefore positive change and outcome.

As a metaphysical healer and spiritual teacher, I work a lot with energy or the essence of things.  Many people are amazed at how a psychic person could connect to accurate information without actually knowing anything. Well, what a psychic person is connecting to is the energy or “essence” of a person, place or thing.  Each object, person, or situaion is eminating an energy. Energy is invisible to our naked eye, but we all feel it and know it.  Energy is very close to our smelling senses.  None of us can “see” a smell but we know what a thing is by it’s scent.  Just as a psychic will know something by it’s energy.  If you smell chocolate chip cookies baking, you do not need to see it, to know that someone close by is baking them. If you can understand this chocolate chip cookie example, then you understand how energy and aromtherapy works.

On a different note, it is quite obvious that if a situation stinks, then the energy that it emits will stink.  If the person is loving, they will emit an energy that is loving.  The intrinsic nature of something will emit the essence of that which it is.  So a good business will naturally emminate from the good people, good product and good organization it is made up of, at least most of the time anyways.

Similarly, the energy from plants and flowers hold the same intrinsic value as its materialistic usage.  If a magical oil is used such as: “Road Opener” or “Holy Spirit” you as a spiritual practioner can then infuse the oil with your own intention and that oil then becomes ready for that use.  Many times the name alone of the oil has already been “marked” with it’s purpose.

You yourself can infuse oil with a purpose or energy that will now eminate and spread out into whatever situation you intend on spreading it out to.  Do not disbelief this.  Infusing an oil with your thought and intention holds the same power as the intention and thought that is behind the words that come right out of your mouth everyday.  Your thought is the power behind the words you speak.  The person receiving those words are also receiving the intention behind it.  That is why lying and honesty can be easily discerned by people because the words will feel balanced or it can feel discorded.  Magical oils give a “voice” to your intention not by words but by scent!  Interesting huh?!

So using the instrinsic value of natural floral and plant oils is very powerful and healing.  And infusing your own thoughts in the magical oils is also very powerful and healing. When infusing your own thoughts into your magical oils, be sure that you carry the right intention with the right emotion.  If you are creating a magical confidence oil – it won’t work if you are not feeling very confident that day.  However, when you do feel a glimmer of confidence, then that would be the time to hurry up and create that confidence oil to adequately capture that power for yourself and put it in the oil.  Putting your power in an oil only takes a second.  This is important because if you are belaboring your thoughts into an oil, then you are in fact saying that you do not trust what you are doing. You may be in fact negating the very thing you are trying to accomplish.  Sometimes though, meditating on your positive thoughts and intentions may actually give it strength and solidarity, so just be aware of what you are actually feeling as you are doing this practice.

For those of you who find praying to be difficult, putting your prayer and loving thoughts into an oil and taking that prayer and putting it into an action-step, such as creating an oil can give it strength and can be better heard by the Creator. The act of creating a “Holy Oil” through infusing it with your prayers automatically makes your prayers stronger because now you feel stronger by creating the oil, which has added a stronger and louder vibration to your prayer.  Again the loudness of you Holy Oil is dependant on how you felt and thought when creating it!

Hope this helps  you in understanding Aromatherapy and happy oil mixing!



Medium and Healer

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