ArchAngel Raphael – Burning the Yellow Flame

June 04, 2019

ArchAngel Raphael
Burning the Yellow Flame
Communicating with Angels can bring about wonderful change and insight. It can also help us with emotional and mental healing in methods that involve using energy. Using energy, I have found, is much quicker and heals conflicts on deep emotional and spiritual levels. It doesn’t require words or complicated techniques.
Messages from ArchAngel Raphael can assist us in tapping into these healing energies. Please read the channeled writings for your own healing. Notice that it is extremely short and easy.


This short visualization technique is meant to be used during your workday or when a conversation isn’t going well with someone. Raphael says: ” This method of visualization is used by many psychics, clairvoyants and healers alike. It is what they do to clear their minds before ‘seeing’ into problematic situations. It is called clearing the mind or clearing a mental space. It is performed during a situation as it starts getting bad. For example, when you are having that conversation with your mom and it starts to feel angry. Or when you are explaining a thought and the person is not understanding and you start to feel frustrated or they begin to argue. “
“When the scenario is smooth and flat and it starts to rise in frustration and anger, you can visualize the Yellow Flame. Picture in your mind a FLASH! of the YELLOW FLAME. Anything more will only create unnecessary work for yourself. A FLASH of the YELLOW FLAME will clear the negative energy forming within and around oneself; it diffuses it. This change in energy will cause you to react differently to the situation. The formation will result in a neutral response – or – will create a needed breadth in the scenario. It creates a space of TOLERANCE , not competition. “
For those of you who need a commonly used definition of how psychics use the YELLOW FLAME: Please continue….

Flame: New Age Spiritual Dictionary on Flame billetsUsing the flame, smoke and ashes of a candle or fire to serve as a means to perceive psychic information. A paper containing the name and question of the person asking the question is slowly passed over the flame; the shape and density of the blaze, smoke, and ashes are used as a point of focus for the psychic

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The suggested use of the YELLOW FLAME from ArchAngel Raphael is for everyday practical purposes and achieves Spiritual Growth and quickens Kharmic lessons. Spiritual growth occurs many times during episodes of conflict. Notice the word TOLERANCE in the channeled writings. Clearing a space within our minds with the FLASH of the YELLOW FLAME can greatly assist us in achieving a moment of TOLERANCE.


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{photo: Flame in the Wind, by Anmuell}