Good Medicine

June 04, 2019

We all know what medicine is in the physical sense. But do you know what Spiritual Medicine is?

One type of spiritual medicine is actually called Animal Medicine. It is the knowledge from the animal kingdom that has been acquired from various Native American tribes through sweat lodges, visions, prayer, and divindation.  The teachings can vary from tribe to tribe and it is knowledge from nature that is imparted to people in order to assist us in our soul’s journey and life path.


Medicine, in this sense, is redefined as anything that helps us to connect to our spirituality or to our sense of that which is bigger than us, yet we are connect to.  It is also anything that can bring personal empowerment, strength, healing and living in balance with the Earth.  Animals display certain behaviors and habits that can teach us things. When you meditate on an animals “power” you can access the “medicine” you need to assist you in obtaining balance and healing.

Animal medicine is a gift from nature and it only requires that you pay attention and accept it.

I have had many experiences with animals that were healing, loving and has brought balance in my life.  Especially all of my pets from childhood up into adulthood.  They offered comfort and gave me friendship during the most loneliest times in my life.  All of my animals have always brought me good medicine.  However, recently I had an experience that was quite different, which inspired me to write a little about the Native American concept of Animal Medicine.

I was doing a short meditation before giving a reading, which is what I do for all of my clients.  But during this one particular meditation, I had a very clear vision of a Native American man.  It was truly weird because it was a vision that was half in my mind’s eye and half in the physical space to my left side.  He was chanting in the typical way that I’ve heard before from documentaries and t.v.shows.  Then I saw a crow fly in from the left side of him and come through the left side of me and land on top of my head.  Then he faded away, but the Crow remained.

All of a sudden the phone rang and my client was on the other line, ready to receive her reading.  I had to stop and describe what I had gone through. Of course I don’t think she understood what I had said so I immediately opened a reference book I had on Animal Wisdom.  I read the chapter on Crows and it said that a crow was an omen for change.  And that Crow lives in the void and has no sense of time.  At first, I thought that these messages were meant for the client. And it turned out it did,  however, after I finished the reading and hung up the phone, I kept feeling the crow still on top of my head, it did not fade.  I said to myself “what in the world?!”  I then thought, this crow must be for me as well.  So I decided to read into more depth about the Crow Medicine.

What I discovered was that the Crow Medicine represented the ability to see past,present and future simultaneously and that there is no sense of time.  Crow operates outside of defined rules, norms and values. Crow sees the scales of balance outside of human law  and interpreted spiritual law because there are in-fact billions of realities that exist, all with different standards.

To receive Crow Medicine is a gift from Spirit World and imparts a new vision to help heal myself and others who seek answers that cannot be found by conventional methods.  Crow Medicine speaks of a higher order above human and spiritual law as interpreted by people. Crow Medicine allows the healer to see spiritual law as given by the Creator. It is a higher calling to Truth and it carries the responsibility of speaking it and living it (not that I can all of the time, let’s be real!).  But with that vision of the Crow on my head, these new understandings left me humbled and in awe.  The vision eventually faded by the end of the evening and has returned at various times since.   I really appreciated such a wonderful experience and wondered if the Native American man will return or was he only a messenger for the Crow to come in for me.

What kind of Medicine do you have in your life? Is it animal medicine or other kinds of medicine? I know we all have people, animals, and experiences that have imparted good medicine. The medicine that helps us to become whole. Or do you have bad medicine in your life, the kind that fragments and destroys. Bad medicine makes us sick and acts as a virus and slowly makes us feel stuck in our lives. Is the bad medicine a memory of an old lover? Is the bad medicine an unresolved past relationship? Maybe the bad medicine is our own false perceptions of control over what we want others’ to do for our own satisfaction.

I know when we feel this way, we may exercise, listen to soft music, call a good friend or even get a psychic reading. To receive that spiritual food or good medicine helps us to not fall apart.  Maybe we choose to do nothing and let the bad medicine continue to harm us. That can be our choice as well.  Animal Medicine to me is a very useful concept and is very real and Good.

What is your good medicine ?