When Death Becomes Us

June 04, 2019

It is okay to talk about Death. It becomes us, it befalls us. It, meaning Death, is a perception of reality that is necessary to understand, so that we may become more accustomed to its ways and meanings. It, meaning Death, is a transitional period from one life to the next. It’s meaning can be very “stubborn” to most, in that we often think of Death as something final or stagnant in some way.  But Death is a necessary form of life. It is that form of life that lies in a restful state before it is reformed and/or rejuvenated to continue.


For example, we all know that moving sucks! Not always, but it’s a big change and emotionally inconvenient while going through it -like moving from one city to another or moving from one house to another or moving in or out from our parents’ home. But it is a necessary transition, usually for survival; or at least to progress in our state of happiness. So Death is very similar to the moving process where we must transition, change or rest before we can become anew in our new place of residence.



This is a photo of a tortoise I took from the Fresno City Zoo. I don’t think she’s thinkin’ much about death.

Physically, when Death befalls us or someone we know, there is a change of residence from this earth to another place. It’s just that the new place is usually not known, and therein lies the rub! So that can be scary! OR the change of residence from the earth to our next place of existence may be sudden and not well prepared for – A SHOCK! But Death is not the bad character here, it’s just our lack of preparedness for it.  Plus, emotionally it’s very, very hard to adjust to such a huge change, especially if we will no longer see the person we love. So of course we avoid dealing with it! But pushing it to the back burner of our minds for too long isn’t the answer.

Talking about Death is not easy, but it can be easier for many to write about it, or maybe even sing about it. Either way, releasing our emotions about Death is healthy and necessary to ease the transition.  Again, Death may take on many forms, there is no single way to look at it. But perhaps the word “transition” can help us process Death in a way that does not have to be so confusing, at least. Read below some examples of death or transitions as I call it.

My cousin died = He transitioned to the next life form and the next life residence.

My best friend and I are no longer as close= The friendship transitioned from a “very close” bond to a “regular” emotional bond.

My dog got hit by a car= The dog died and its spirit has moved out or transitioned out of its physical body into another form and place of residence

I got laid-off= You are in a period of rest and must transition into a new job OR may receive compensation to ease the transition into retirement

I got into an accident and my left eye has lost its vision= One eye socket is at rest and your body, mind and emotions must transition into a new way of seeing the world! – Literally.


I love Bella. She whispered in my ear and told me that “even though our loved ones die, there are still many more people to love and to continue to cherish our daily moments, like this one!”


As you can see, these examples are tough transitions and a form of SHOCK! and these transitions are forms of Death; an ending to what was once before. Death is also temporary. The hardest transition arguably is the physical transition we call Death and the one type of transition that is least understood because we do not have physical evidence of life after death and must go on faith that there is an afterlife. For many this leap of faith is a very big one and for others it is simply a known fact because it is felt within the very fabric of their being but, I mean, most of us still are scared about it, let’s be real.  Evidence of life after death could be in the form of messages from a Spiritual Medium or it may be through a personal emotional experience.  Often people will experience dreams from their loved ones that have died as evidence of life after death or may even have physical manifestations of their loved ones visiting them.  Some will hear favorite songs, see odd animal appearances or receive words or thoughts inside of the mind that were typical habitual sayings of the loved-one that has died.  Or for some, any of these experiences wouldn’t demonstrate anything pertaining to life-after-death. To that  end we each are on our own as to how we process the Death cycle when it becomes us. As a Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant, I receive thoughts, impressions, emotions and pictures of information that come from spiritual beings that identify themselves as Angels. These beings of Light shed more information as to how is it we survive this transition we call Death. The information received is not meant to prove or deny whether life exists beyond the grave, but often times the information opens up a better understanding of how to grieve through this big change. Angelic guidance is unique to each of us and what we experience and what we conclude is of our own understanding and therefore a reflection of our own level of consciousness.

None of us can escape these transitions, whether it be a loss of a job, house, relationship, health or a loved-one. But remember, a transition is from the old into the new and the best we can do now is to better prepare for what is new to come! But how do we do that??  For those of you who receive spiritual healing and readings from me know what I always say: PRAYER AND MEDITATION PRAYER AND MEDITATION PRAYER AND MEDITATION PRAYER AND MEDITATION PRAYER AND MEDITATION PRAYER AND MEDITATION…