What is the “Psychic Eye” ?

June 04, 2019

Everyone has a “psychic eye”. But what is it really? First of all, it is not really seeing with your eyes. Psychic vision is “seeing” but the word “seeing” has a different meaning in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world “seeing” is used in the same way as the word “knowing”.  If a psychic person says “I SEE YOU”  it does not mean literally that the psychic can see you physically, like the color of your eyes, height, color, male or female. It usually means that they can see how you are as a person on the inside; they KNOW you.  Some may also call the “psychic eye”  “second sight”.


There are many psychics that can see a vision of what a person actually looks like. If I look into my crystal ball, I can see that your future lover has brown hair, brown, eyes and is probably about 5’10. Or if I look into my crystal ball I can see  you own a white cat and it’s name begins with the letter “T” etc… Okay that’s nice, only if you are working as a psychic detective, but other than that, who really cares??!!

We have our physical eyes to do that for us, hence with our physical eyes we can see what people look like and we already know that we have a white cat. Realize that when working on developing your psychic eye, you are actually developing your “knowing”  your understanding of a person or situation.  Your psychic eye will “see” beyond the physical and show you knowledge.  I have many psychic students that are very frustrated when developing their psychic eye because they can’t see the color of the person’s car or they can’t get the name of the boyfriend or they are unable to predict when that earthquake is supposed to happen.

Psychic vision is more about knowledge and understanding along with some physical attributes.  Many skeptics and Hollywood producers like to focus on the assumption that psychic vision is exactly the same as our physical eyes  but they are mistaken. It eludes most people if they assume the psychic eye is the same as our physical eye because it’s not; it’s gives you so much more! And if you are trying to develop your psychic abilities to produce the same results as your physical senses you will sabotage your progress and most likely give up all together.To develop true psychic ability, you must meditate and sit in silence for about 10 minutes a day. Then practice with a person you know or don’t know.  Have that person ask you a question about anything. Then allow your psychic eye or your senses to tell you inside your mind what it knows.

Your psychic eye will use the same part of your brain that uses your imagination skills to relay complex situations so be very, very open to receiving imaginary pictures. Your psychic eye will also sense energy so be very, very open to feeling information as well. What your psychic eye knows may be in the form of a picture, thought, feeling, sensation, sensing of a smell or it may not know anything around the question asked, so the person will have to ask a different question. Not knowing is also good, maybe there isn’t anything there to actually know that is information too!


Always make sure to ask your spirit guides and angels to be with you before opening yourself up to receiving psychic information, this is super-duper important.


Crystal Ball Shiningby Anderson Smith 2010

Allow yourself to practice for about one good year on an almost daily basis. The learning curve for your brain is about one year. This is because our society does not support this knowledge as a whole so emotionally and psychologically it can be an uphill battle. Especially when trying to find people to practice with.

Here is an example of what a practice session might be like:

Student Psychic #1: ” Ask your question.”

Practice Person #2: ” When will my money start improving?”

#1: ” I don’t know, I’m not getting anything….ask a different question” (after about 1 min. of trying)

#2: ” Okay, I guess what I really want to know is, will I ever get a raise on my job?”

#1: ” Hmmmm, interesting I’m starting to feel something but I can’t tell what I’m feeling, give me a couple of minutes to match the right words with what I’m feeling…”

#2: “Okay”  (2-5 minutes later)

#1: ” Okay, I feel nervous and I sense a gap in time, I don’t sense a supervisor and I can’t sense any other co-workers around you. I then got a picture of a house and a then a room in the house and then I got a picture of you talking on the phone a lot at home? And then I got a picture of an ice cream cone?

#2: “Hey that makes a lot of sense…at work, they can’t seem to find a new supervisor, it’s been 6 months.  I’m too scared to ask the manager at work for a raise because she’s a @#$%&;! so I get nervous a lot. I think a lot about working from home and having my own consulting business. I did not understand the ice cream cone part though, I mean, I do like ice cream but…”

#1: “WOW, that was weird, it felt like I didn’t know what I was saying or what I was talking about. It just felt like random thoughts and pictures were floating around. I didn’t feel sure about anything, but, you didn’t understand the ice cream cone part of what I said?”

#2: “No, not really, but oh well, everything else made perfect sense to me…I have another question”

#1: ” Hey wait a minute time is money honey, I will have to charge you for my time, hee-hee!!”

#2: “After about a year of practice at this rate, I’m sure you can!”

ReflectionBy Anderson Smith

The Psychic Eye will always reflect “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ONLY”  it will never tell you everything. It is a limited ability just like all of the other parts of your body. It only has a certain capacity to give information. Each person’s capacity is different depending on life experience, amount of meditation done and number of years in practicing.  People who are humble usually can detect the information from their own psychic eye better than a person that needs to always be in control.  That is because the information you are receiving from the person or event cannot be controlled. Knowing information psychically must be observed and not judged in order to report what you are “seeing” with accuracy.  A person who needs to be in control will want to add their own opinions and will judge it to be right or wrong and will therefore infect the psychic eye with their own information. Very tricky, but true!

The Psychic Eye is not perfect but it is intelligent.  Your Psychic Eye is connected to your karma and the other person’s karma you are seeing for; so what you see or know is only what you are able to see and know according to your level of consciousness and soul’s development.

The Psychic Eye does not go beyond God’s Vision which is a person’s FREEWILL.  Whether you believe in God or not at least believe in FREEWILL.  This is why the Psychic Eye or your knowledge around a situation will never be perfect, complete or final.  Your “Second-Sight” will always be dependant upon who you are reading, what your mood is that day, how much you slept, prayed, meditated and the ever-changing circumstances swirling around our world.  How much you “see” for someone will also depend extensively on how much that individual is open to receiving the information. Quite often people think they want to hear information but what they really want to hear is simply what  “they want to hear”. The Psychic Eye moves and is fluid and is in constant motion.  It is meant to assist, never to determine.

Remember a psychic eye cannot see beyond what the person has already set in motion for themselves or what surrounding circumstances are already in motion. It is only a reflection of what has already been created with respects to past, present and the ever-forming future. It is a reflection.

“Hey Shamalah-Allah, When will I get married?”

My Answer: “As soon as you start going out and meeting people, I will then be able to see.”

“Hey Shamalah-Allah, When will I find a job?”

My Answer.” As soon as you start looking for a job, I can then see when you will find one.”

“Hey Shamalah-Allah, “I’ve started my own business, do you see it doing well?”

My Answer. ” Yes, I see you are consistent with your actions, spend money wisely and have chosen a much needed service, therefore you will be financially prosperous, just give it a few more months and stay steady!”

Consciously or unconsciously you create your destiny, not the psychic.

With Lots of Giggles,

Shamalah-Allah, Clairvoyant Medium and Healer


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