Psychic Attack

June 04, 2019


PSYCHIC ATTACK- “the transference of negative energy between two persons through the use of telepathic skills; the sender deliberately sends her or his feelings and thoughts of hate, jealousy, harm resentment, etc., their confused situation, their sickness, or their unpleasant circumstances; receiver feels uncomfortable, ill, or in a negative attitude and does not always understand that it is not of his or her own doing; easily transferable if there is a strong bond of love or hate between the two psychic persons and if one leaves their PSYCHIC DOORS open all of the time, or after a long encounter in which the two interacted, such as spending all day together….” (June G. Bletzer, PHd, The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary).


Experiencing a psychic attack is not pleasant. Psychic attacks can come in many forms. Some of the psychic attacks I’ve felt came in the form of nightmares. I also experienced it as a strange heavy grey cloud looming over my head. The strange thing about these experiences was that it did not feel like it was mine. It was accompanied by thoughts of particular people that just kept re-occurring. The important thing to know is that a psychic attack is nothing more than another person having bad intentions toward you. If you are a HSP or a Highly Sensitive Person, you may pick up those bad feelings. Experiencing the feelings of negative thoughts from another can feel very invasive and it can feel like you are literally being attacked and that your situation is spiraling out of control. But there is good news! #1 You can feel confident that your psychic awareness is growing, and there are a lot of people out there who want to be psychic (you know who you are). #2 You are coming into an awareness of the shadow side. The darker side of people that we all wish did not exist. Being aware of a persons darker side is actually being exposed to the persons weakness. If you are feeling like someone hates you and can feel all of the icky-ugly-sticky-gross feelings with that, think of it another way. Realize that this person is letting you know about their weaknesses. Their weakness is that they perceive their situation as less than yours and they are so upset and dismayed. The key word here is THEIR SITUATION, NOT YOURS. The person who is attacking psychically has a lot of heavy mental issues. So take heart, that what you are actually feeling is THEIR PROBLEM NOT YOURS. Light a candle or just mentally remind yourself that these negative feelings are not yours and that you do not have to own them. Usually realizing that will take away most of the problem. If that isn’t enough, you must go into prayer and ask God and the Angels to lift away these feelings from your mind. I struggled with psychic attack a few times. That’s all it took! I then meditated and told my brain that to experience another’s negativity is something to be aware of, but it was not necessary for me to constantly emotionally experience it all the time. Since then I have not had any other problems (knock on wood!). I performed a sort of self-hypnosis, if you will. If you experience a psychic attack, put the situation into it’s correct perspective: it’s not your problem to own, it is an expression of someone else’s suffering. To engage in retaliation would only be engaging in a fight. It is better to either pray and ask God for help in removing those negative vibes or to have a sense of the person’s suffering and exercise forgiveness or to re-focus your thoughts on yourself and to not give that energy attention or power. Lighting a pink candle also will help off-set any negativity. I hope this has helped for some of you experiencing psychic attack. It is very unpleasant, but definitely manageable. Take Care! Love, Shamalah-Allah {photo: “Shark Overhead” by Shalawesome}