Path of a Spiritual Medium’s Soul, the realms

June 04, 2019

Each Medium’s soul may be tasked with working in the upperworlds, middleworlds or underworlds of spiritual reality. Therefore the spiritual communication of each Medium will be different from each other and difficult to assess what is “good” to do as far as speaking with spirits.  I will not expand upon all of the information about the upper, middle or underworlds because it is too vast and I only have limited knowledge of each, but will use these terms as a reference to help us all better understand the sources of where spiritual and psychic information can come from; and to also better understand which realm the Medium’s soul is working in.


It is also possible,  that a Medium can work in all three realms or a combination of such, but usually there is a comfort zone.  These upper, middle and underworlds or realms are actually referring to states of consciousness as well as cosmic dimensions of physical space which overlap each other.  I will also loosely refer to these worlds throughout my writings and will reference more information about each dimension as you continue reading future blogs. And just to be super clear…. a Medium or Spiritual Medium is a person that has the ability to communicate with spirits.

In the simplest terms, the upperworlds refer to what we commonly call the heavens – there is no direct understanding of the upperworlds except to have a slight sense of it as concepts we can understand from our human perspective. The concepts suggested here are: love and light, super good karma, forgiveness, angels, crossed-over spirits, higher-consciousness, the superego, peace, higher vibrations, inspiration, singing, air, softness, gentleness, openness, joy, freedom and gratitude. This list can go on forever, but spirits that are associated with the upperworlds are usually very gentle and soft and are interested in the progression of a person’s soul through experiences of happiness and wonderment. Many archangels and guardian angels exist here as well as other upperworld spirits that are too many to name or even know. There are spirits of joy, celebration and prosperity here too. Spirits of this level enjoy music from harps, flutes, bells and chimes. These spirits enjoy laughter, candles and floral aromas such as lavender and rose. The methods of instruction by these spirits are with love and organization.

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Again, in the most basic human conceptual forms of understanding, the middleworlds reference spiritual energies in the earthplane, such as, thought-forms, ideas, confusion, dreams, the ego, earth spirits, fae spirits, nature, decay and transformation, animals, doorways to other dimensions, good and bad karma, earthbound spirits or ghosts, good vs evil, disharmony, harmony, psychic powers, death and rebirth. There are both light and dark energies here in the middleworlds. Again, these are ideas and concepts that we experience in our lives that would refer to a middleworld spiritual experience. Spirits associated with the middleworlds are straightforward, disciplinarian and serious, but there are many that are playful and silly too. They may or may not like people and will treat them according to whether or not they are assessed to be worthwhile.  Several different kinds of spirits of the middleworlds can use the method of deception to test and assess the truth of a human being’s heart, since the assumption is that most humans are no good, greedy liars, who are lazy and have a stench to them. To these spirits, humans generally do not care for the earth and leave trash everywhere, hurt plants and animals, and waste resources. Middleworld spirits use trickery to teach people lessons. Spirits of the middleworlds normally do not like most people, but if they do like you, they are very good with protection from evil spirits, evil people or any bad luck situations.  If you are stuck in a bad jam, the spirits of the earth can get you out of a real pickle!  However, the energies of the middleworld spirits require devotion and loyalty and a strict regiment of spiritual cleansing and vegetarianism. To work with these spirits requires that the mind is cleansed of humanoid wasteful thinking.  Most spirits of the middleworlds are Fae Spirits or Fairies and Nature Spirits, although there are many other types.  Recycling, composting, animal care, feng-shui’d environments, vegetarianism, farming, planting trees, and caring for plants are favored human characteristics of these spirits.  Middleworld spirits like the aromas of dirt, worms, lightening (yes lightening has a smell to it) evergreen-like scents, wood and rain.  These spirits also like sounds from flutes but especially drums, rattles, tambourines and any music created from people that hold the earth and space in reverence.  Quiet  and solitude are favored by both upper and middleworld spirits; they usually do not favor a lot of talking and spend more time with quiet people over loud people.  Sincerity and authenticity are indicators to these spirits of one’s trustworthiness.  Ghosts are also greatly a part of the middleworld realms, but there are specialized holy spirits that assist ghosts in crossing over to their next destination.  Ghosts are only approached by these holy spiritual guides when they are emotionally ready to receive help. Many Spiritual Mediums that channel trapped human souls work with the holiest of holy spirits in assisting the dead who are still attached to their painful earthly memories.

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The lowerworlds can reference many concepts associated with hell or it can reference any concepts that are deemed hidden, such as: darkness, anger, hate, oceans, caves, secrets, mysteries, death, womb, enslavement, heaviness, depression, curses, the shadow,  very bad karma, lower-vibrations, slowness, evil, the unseen, the unheard, the unknown, fear. Spirits associated with the lower realms are demons, dark angels, dark entities, evil ghosts, monster-type spirits, and the spirits of destruction or chaos. The lower realms are the most misunderstood realms in that they ignite fear and suffering within ourselves at just the very thought of it.  However, these spirits are considered lucifers or light bearers in that they may create the conditions of chaos and devastation to ignite the best to come forth from the deepest parts of our souls, lest suffering will ensue if the circumstances are not overcome.


The path of a Medium’s soul is very much intertwined within the upper, middle and underworld spiritual realities. Mediums are messengers and communicators and may communicate information from varying spirits from any of these dimensions. A psychic will not have the ability to communicate with spirits, but instead will simply relay information from energies created by the person’s life. A Psychic-Medium has the ability to both psychically see energies and communicate with spirits. I personally work as a Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Healer, which means, I will communicate information from both the energies you create in your life and from your personal spiritual guidance, the purpose of which is to assist you in developing your soul (karma). Can you guess which world(s) of spirits I communicate with? If you are interested to learn more about spirits and spirituality, please read my new e-book: “Boundaries Beyond Death and Coincidence: How To Cleanse the Haunted Mind, Part 1”. My e-book is available on my website or on Amazon.