Angels, Angels Everywhere

June 04, 2019


They are with us while we work, they are with us when we sleep. They are especially with us when we think and feel. You may say, but Shamalah-Allah, I think and feel all of the time! Well, then, your Angels are there with you always.
The first step in getting a 2-way radio signal with your Angels is to pay attention to what you ARE thinking and feeling.


But more importantly, to receive information from your Angels, you must be HONEST about what you are thinking and feeling.
Honesty is the key. Your Guardian Angels understand you more than you understand yourself. So editing what you think you are supposed to feel and think will not work. Being honest with yourself is the very first step.
Honesty with yourself will start the process of opening your mind and heart to the very sensitive and loving guidance your Angels have to offer you.
Stay tuned for more about how to communicate with your Angels.
Love, Shamalah-Allah