Angels Offer the Gift of Healing

June 04, 2019

Angels Offer the Gift of Healing: Angels will always offer the gift of healing.  The time out of your schedule and quiet space offered to them for this healing is up to you.  Angels work in many different capacities, however in order to receive their Light or healing energy, one must be able to receive it.  Light or healing energy works much like a battery charge; Angels can literally re-charge you with much needed life-force energy.  Many Beings from the upper spiritual worlds refer to this life-force energy as “Light”.

Unfortunately, many do not take the time to give Angels quiet space for healing because they like to watch t.v. or spend time with others.  Giving Angelic Beings your time and quiet space will allow them to work on your energetic field so that you can receive much needed healing.  Allowing yourself to sit for 5 to 10 minutes in silence each day with your hands relaxed and palms up on your lap would suffice in receiving tons of emotional healing and mental balance that would allow you to recover from many ailments.  Suffering with emotional pain is not necessary; recovery time with a loss of a loved-one and healing oneself of medical problems is much easier with the guidance and assistance of the Angels.  Angelic work is never done.  Allowing them into your life is allowing prosperity into your life.  No one is without their Angelic Guidance, open yourself up their healing and wisdom.

Love and Light,

Rev. Shamalah-Allah