E-Mail Readings

Why Do People request an eMailed Reading? People Receive Short Answers That Can Be Referenced Later.

Welcome to my site. If you are considering an Emailed Reading, please continue reading to see if it is the right service for you. This service includes 3 questions answered via email.

Emailed Reading Disclaimer:

I cannot answer emailed readings in the same detail as a phone or Skype reading.  Emailed readings only provide basic, short answers.  Answers are provided according to how questions are phrased. Please ask specific complete questions within the proper context.

I do not guarantee future predictions.  I do not offer a money-back guarantee on emailed readings, however, if there are confusing statements in the reading, I allow a follow-up phone call or email for clarification.

Please process payment below and send the 3 questions along with any photos to email address:  shamalahallah@gmail.com

You will receive a confirmation along with the estimated date for responses.  Turn-around time is usually 24-48 hrs.