About Psychic Reader Shamalah - Allah

About Psychic Reader Shamalah-Allah

Hello, I’m Shamalah-Allah, a California-based Psychic-Medium, Angel Medium, Medical Intuitive and Pet Psychic.  I am here to help you learn and grow through the trials in your life. My services are 100% online so I'm able to help you during these times while staying safe and healthy. The services I offer include:

Clairvoyant & Psychic Readings

The ability to see into the past, present and the most probable future concerning everyday life. Lost n' Found, Missing Pets and Missing Persons. Book your appointment online.

Medical Intuitive Readings

Helping your healing process. I do not diagnose, but will answer questions about medical issues. I am not a trained medical professional, but will tell you what my Vision shows. What I say is not medical advice. Book your appointment online.

Angel and Spirit Guide Messages

Delivering guided messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides. Book your appointment online.

Pet Psychic Readings

Connecting with live or deceased Animals. Help with any pet issues or behavioral problems, lost and missing pets. You must send a photo and provide the first name along with your questions to shamalahallah@gmail.com.  Book your appointment online.

Dream Interpretation

Unlock what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Understand what the spirit world may be trying to tell you. Book your appointment online. 


Questions? call:  650-719-0097 or send an email to: shamalahallah@gmail.com