About My Visions



With all of my Visions, it feels like I am going through a daydream. So anytime a person asks me a psychic, healing or mediumship question, my brain goes into a slight trance-like state. It is exactly the same feeling as how anyone would experience daydreaming, except for me, the daydreams are a bit stronger and pertain to information that people can practically use. I am able to do this on command with a good question. I will also experience physical and emotional sensations of the person or animal that I am connected to. The psychic connection is made by either a “first name” or a photo. Psychic connections are best described as radio signals; some connections are strong and clear others are not. Because the information that comes through is pertaining to real things, they are better termed as Visions as opposed to “daydreams”. Visions will relate to the present, past or probable future. People with these gifts are tools for Holy Spirit to assist others on their life path, to encourage them to have faith in their own God-given intuitive gifts and to spend more time in prayer and meditation so that they can develop a personal sense of communion with the Divine Intelligence of their cultural understanding.

Thoughts & Intentions

All thoughts and intentions from every person on earth are automatically received by Divine Intelligence; there are no judgements. Each human being receives as much love and attention from their assigned spirit guides and angels as dictated by their asking of it. Cultural and historical trimmings of how Divine Holy Spirit is understood is not looked upon as important. The intentions of the heart, the level of human consciousness developed within karmic circumstances and the human soul’s experiences however, are of utmost importance. Because most people do not spend time in daily prayer or meditation, an individual’s sense of connection with Holy Spirit and hence themselves can be lost, thus seeking the guidance of a spiritual healer or psychic.

Divine Intelligence, Goddess, God or the Universe recognizes the lack of discipline in daily prayer and meditation for the average human mind; this issue has plagued the human race since the beginning of time. So there are certain people who are gifted and receive the calling into service to help bridge that spiritual gap. Goddess in Her divine power and wisdom will sprinkle down human souls who have these spiritual gifts to help deliver encouraging and uplifting information without compromising one’s spiritual evolvement. The Psychic Healer still has freewill, however, in how they’d like to use their talents. All psychics and healers are not immune to the daily struggles and decisions of a human life existence and must discern and decide with their own conscience how to use the power of “second-sight” and thus live through the consequences of that decision as well. All psychics and healers are also human like everyone else and are responsible for participating in a human life, which includes all of the daily emotions, blessings, burdens, finances, mistakes and physical experiences of a human life.

Not all psychics and healers are created equal, each will have their own set of talents and each will decide how to develop it and use it. Most decide not to use it for public service. A small percentage of healers, such as myself, will use it for public service on a full-time basis; and therefore must monetarily charge for survival.