To schedule a session you can use the links below to pay via Paypal. ****NOTE-I Do not connect to dead people, but do connect to deceased pets**** Please do not book a session wanting to connect to dead loved-ones.

Phone or Skype Readings


30 Minutes ~ $75.00

1 hour: ~ $155.00

Ask about:

Family, Health, Money, Relationship, Career, Court, Divorce, Karma, Spiritual Lessons, Curses, Ghosts, Dreams, Spiritual Messages, Pets, Business NOTE!!! **** I do not connect to dead people, but do connect to deceased pets****

~ Any problems that are impacting your life ~

In-Person Readings

In-Person Readings:

House Visits: $255

Spiritual Hypnotherapeutic Session: (Temporarily Not Available)

Haunted Homes: (Consultation Required for Pricing)

Please Call Shamalah-Allah to schedule a House Blessing/Clearing

Phone: 650-719-0097 or Email:

Shamalah-Allah offers Phone, Skype, and emailed services. Please be sure to read the preparation instructions emailed to you  before the appointment. NOTE!! **** Shamalah-Allah does not connect to the dead, but does connect to deceased pets****

Please choose the correct service while processing payment there is space to leave dates and times that work for you as well as a phone number, once payment is received, within 24 hrs. I call or email to confirm. If there are any questions you may contact me at- Home Office: (650) 719-0097 or Cell (415)-261-0786 or Email :


Full Refund on all cancellations with 24 hrs advance notice.

About Rev. Shamalah Allah

Shamalah Allah is a California based online Psychic, Angel Medium, Medical Intuitive and Pet Psychic. She is the Author of her new e-book, “Boundaries Beyond Death and Coincidence: How To Cleanse the Haunted Mind”. Shamalah-Allah uses her Vision and works with the Angels to see root causes of problems and offers positive information to help you navigate through life’s challenges. Phone, Skype, and Emailed consultations available. In-Person Services are available for House Clearings and Home Blessings.

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