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Shamalah-Allah has a keen sense for psychic communication to assist you and receives messages from your Angelic Guidance.

About Shamalah-Allah

Shamalah-Allah is a California based online psychic, angel medium, medical intuitive and animal communicator.  She does not connect with dead people but does connect to deceased pets.  She enjoys helping to resolve issues and questions concerning your life or of those you love.

As an Angel Medium, I primarily receive messages from Angelic Spirits and Spirit Guides.  I do not connect to dead people, but do connect with deceased animals.  As a Psychic I will connect to the energy around people, places and situations. I also work as a Medical Intuitive and Pet Psychic.  Please provide a photo of yourself and of anyone or pet you ask about, have specific questions prepared.

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Shamalah’s Spiritual Practice is
100% mobile!

Appointments accepted from around the globe via Paypal. I can use Skype for International calls.

Your Phone or Skype reading comes with a money-back guarantee:

If I cannot connect accurately to the information within the first 10 minutes, I will refund all of your money.

(Sorry, this guarantee cannot apply to email readings.)

  • Clairvoyance

    We live in the present; but we are constantly faced with decisions that create our future. Relationships, work and family are important to us;  Shamalah-Allah can to tell you the probable future you are creating.

  • Medical Intuitive

    We are not here to suffer; but through it we can re-discover and understand ourselves in a new light. We alone have the power to heal ourselves. Shamalah-Allah has the ability help us understanding our illness, which can aid in the healing process.

  • Angel Medium and Pet Psychic

    When we are lost and in pain an Angelic perspective can offer healing and hope.  Gain good and practical insight into solutions to everyday problems with the assistance from your Angelic Guidance.  Also, understand you pet’s needs now, or check up on them once they’ve passed away.  Animals are also our family!

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