Psychic Hot Cocoa Moments

As Comfortable as a Cup of Hot Cocoa

Radio Shows 7 & 8

Podcast # 7 The No Judgement Zone

Rev. Shamalah-Allah and DJ Scott welcome callers to the “No Judgement Zone”, everyone wants to open a franchise gym and a woman is directed to let go of an old relationship.

Radio Show #8 Spirits, Ghosts, Psychic Guidelines, Afterlife

Rev. Shamalah-Allah and DJ Scott discuss Ghosts, Spirits, the Afterlife, Confidence, the rules of a psychic reading, and a woman harassed on the job.

  • Clairvoyant

    We live in the present; but we are constantly faced with decisions that must be made that create our future. Relationships, work and family are important to us; and Shamalah-Allah can to tell you what future you are creating for yourself.She also enjoys working with animals and helping you psychically communicate with your animal friends.

  • Healing & Medical Intuitive

    For many, suffering from an illness is a painful, debilitating, depressing and/or sometimes mysterious occurrance. We are not here to suffer; but through it we can re-discover and understand ourselves in a new light. We alone have the power to heal ourselves.

  • Mediumship

    When we lose a loved one there may be many unanswered questions, or we may just want to know if they are around us. Shamalah is a natural-born medium and can make a connection to the otherside.

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