Home Visits, Energy Cleaning & Home Blessings


~ Difficulties conceiving and pregnancy issues

~ Family fighting

~ Illness and Disease

~ Recovery from Drugs and other Addictions

~ Depression

~ Bad spirits and Bad luck

~ Marital problems, Divorce

~ Inexplicable behavioral problems with kids

~ Inexplicable behavioral problems with pets

~ Moving, Buying or Selling a house

~ Haunted Homes, Crossing-Over Spirits

~ Restless deceased loved-ones who are still around

At Your Home

Does your house feel uncomfortable, sad, depressed or heavy? Do you and your family run-up against the same problems with no solutions from the medical doctors, psychiatrists and counselors?
Then your problems may be spiritually or energetically based. Often times families suffer from problems due to negative energy, without ever realizing it. Problems usually persist for years without relief!

My In-Person House Calls Include:

~A personal face to face reading with you and/or your family
~An energy clearing of the home and house blessing
~A full assessment of the core bottom-line problem with solutions to whatever ails the family unit

House Calls

Please schedule an appointment for this service. When processing payment there is space provided to include 3 different days and times for an appointment. Also allow at least 4 days advance notice with inputting your dates. This is a “results oriented and solution-based” service. Price: $255 –

Please pay through Paypal below, Service: Mon. – Fri. 12noon – 6pm, Home Ofc: 650-719-0097 or cell: 415-261-0786

Please have specific questions prepared.

1 Hour travel time is included with the price.

About Shamalah-Allah

Shamalah-Allah is a California based online psychic, angel medium, medical intuitive and spiritual healer. Phone, Skype and email consultations available.


For a full refund, please provide a 24hr cancellation notice.

  • Clairvoyance

    We live in the present; but we are constantly faced with decisions that create our future. Relationships, work and family are important to us; and Shamalah-Allah can to tell you what future you are creating for yourself.

  • Healing Intuitive

    We are not here to suffer; but through it we can re-discover and understand ourselves in a new light. We alone have the power to heal ourselves. Shamalah-Allah has the ability help us understanding our illness, which can aid in the healing process.

  • Mediumship

    When we lose a loved one there may be many unanswered questions, or we may just want to know if they are around us. Shamalah is a natural-born medium and can make a connection to the other side.

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