Boundaries: Beyond Death and Coincidence

How to Cleanse the Haunted Mind, Part 1

by Shamalah Allah

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Shamalah AllahProfessional Title: Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Healer

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
Sun Sign: Libra with Aries Rising – Moon Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Contact Info:
E-mail: shamalah@shamalah.com

Shamalah-Allah was born in San Francisco, Ca. of hard working, middle-class parents and was raised in a Catholic traditional household. She went on to study counseling and sociology at UCLA, but felt a bigger calling. It was during her college years that Shamalah-Allah realized her psychic and intuitive gifts.

Shamalah-Allah is an ordained Reverend from the Universal Life Church located in Modesto, CA and works as a full-time professional Spiritual Medium, Counselor, Psychic-Medium and Healer. She receives and delivers messages from Angels, Ancestor Spirits, Spirit Guides, Nature Spirits, Deceased Relatives and more… This is effective with issues involving romance, finances, health, internal spiritual growth and family relations. Other specialized skills include dream interpretation, future forecasting, past-life readings, energy healings, karmic readings, medical intuitive readings, animal communication, exorcisms and house blessings. Currently Shamalah-Allah lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works primarily via phone and e-mail answering people’s questions from around the world.

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