Good Medicine

We all know what medicine is in the physical sense. But do you know what Spiritual Medicine is?

One type of spiritual medicine is actually called Animal Medicine. It is the knowledge from the animal kingdom that has been acquired from various Native American tribes through sweat lodges, visions, prayer, and divindation.  The teachings can vary from tribe to tribe and it is knowledge from nature that is imparted to people in order to assist us in our soul’s journey and life path.

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ArchAngel Raphael – Burning the Yellow Flame

ArchAngel Raphael
Burning the Yellow Flame

Communicating with Angels can bring about wonderful change and insight. It can also help us with emotional and mental healing in methods that involve using energy. Using energy, I have found, is much quicker and heals conflicts on deep emotional and spiritual levels. It doesn’t require words or complicated techniques.
Messages from ArchAngel Raphael can assist us in tapping into these healing energies. Please read the channeled writings for your own healing. Notice that it is extremely short and easy.

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It’s Not Easy Being Me

Life is not supposed to be easy…
It is a road of twists and turns and the like.
That’s what my Bass Guitar Teacher told me once.

We all have twists and turns in our lives.
Why is it so hard being Me??
Wouldn’t it have been easier to be a Kite?
Or a Breeze.

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Earthbound Spirits

What are Earthbound Spirits?
Every now and again when called to communicate with a loved one who is in spirit, I come across a spirit that is earthbound. How can I tell? Well…

Many earthbound spirits are still existing on the earth dimensional plane. They are exactly the same as they were in life. The same personality, emotional isms, and most of all, they carry the tremendous burden of all of the unresolved issues they had while living on earth. Earthbound spirits are people who have died, but have not moved on to the next plane of existence. They are still living in our world, but they are in spirit form.

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How can money reveal anything about me?

It’s a difficult topic but an enlightening one if you know how to look at it.


When I do readings for people, many times I look at the financial situation. Looking at how a person works with their money shows a lot. How is the money treated, valued, spent, saved, what is the emotional attachment or attitude toward money.

Money is really a symbol of how a person operates in the world. Here are some examples:

#1) One woman is in extreme debt, is about to loose her house and is paying a personal fitness trainer. Her major complaint is “I can’t get a man, and they say I use them for their money”

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Don’t get me wrong. I just love to do psychic
readings for people, but unfortunately I can’t know it all. I’m not creating your life, YOU ARE so, the one that really knows all about you is YOU.

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Will He Call Me Back, Shamalah??


Shamalah-Allah, When will he call back?
Why hasn’t he called back?
I’m not calling him!!
Should I call him?!…. Naaahh!

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Psychic Attack


PSYCHIC ATTACK- “the transference of negative energy between two persons through the use of telepathic skills; the sender deliberately sends her or his feelings and thoughts of hate, jealousy, harm resentment, etc., their confused situation, their sickness, or their unpleasant circumstances; receiver feels uncomfortable, ill, or in a negative attitude and does not always understand that it is not of his or her own doing; easily transferable if there is a strong bond of love or hate between the two psychic persons and if one leaves their PSYCHIC DOORS open all of the time, or after a long encounter in which the two interacted, such as spending all day together….” (June G. Bletzer, PHd, The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary).

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Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?


About 8 months ago I discovered a new term for myself. It’s called a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON. It’s not so spooky or stand-offish like the word Psychic or Witch or Voodoo Lady. And it doesn’t sound so ethereal like Angel Communicator, Clairvoyant or Empathic. A Highly Sensitive Person or HSP for short is a nice practical descriptive word that definitely describes me and I think a lot of other people that I usually speak to. So I’ve decided to share the nuts and bolts of this new term (at least new to me).

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How Do You Know When Loved Ones are Around in Spirit?

One of my long-time clients asked me this question:

“How Do I Know When Loved Ones That Have Passed On To Spirit Are Around Me?”

So I asked her…

“Do you have conversations in your dreams about this person?”

She answered, “yes.”

“Do you suddenly have a thought and feeling that they are around you?”

She answered, “yes.”

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