Ghede, The Guardian Spirit of the Dead

(This is a true story about a Spirit Guide needing help from their petitioner).


Marta’s Guardian Spirit, Ghede, Needed Her Help!

A person can invite a spirit into their home without any intention or desire of doing so. This was the situation with one of my clients named Marta. She usually called for a psychic reading about problems related to family and romance, but one day, she made an appointment concerning something very unusual going on in her apartment.

She had been having problems sleeping for months and would wake up in the middle of the night feeling as if the right side of the bed was occupied. The bed would creak, shake and sometimes move as if someone was actually sleeping in the bed with her.  She suspected it to be a male spirit, and she tried to ignore it.

She also complained of her kitchen faucets turning on and off by themselves while she was in other rooms. The toilets flushed on their own, and she would see reflections of a person’s silhouette on the microwave door or on other reflective surfaces. Marta was shaken up by all of this. She couldn’t sleep and was extremely tired from all the craziness. She was a security officer and worked twelve hour shifts; she needed her energy for her demanding job.

Things took their toll on her. Eventually, she would be so fed up with all the disruption that she would yell and curse at whatever was in bed with her to get out!  And it did. There would be no more disturbances for at least another three to four days, but then the problems would start up again.

Many people with haunting problems can become so angry and determined to get rid of the spirit that they can tell it to go away.  Their intention and strength of Will is strong enough to make this happen.  However, unless they resolve the reason for the haunting, the spirit will often return. Or, another spirit will return in its place. Haunting problems are often symptoms of underlying issues and not really the main source of the problem.

In Marta’s case, the spirit returned, so she called me for help.

When I psychically tuned-in, I saw that the spirit in her home was an earthbound soul of a young man, probably in his early 20’s. He had recently died in an apartment complex close to Marta’s home. This man felt like a lost soul or wandering spirit. I got the impression he had died suddenly and was now scared.

Next, I received a picture of Marta doing a ritual at her front door; her arms were moving in a circular motion, and she had something jiggling in her hands. I also saw smoke around her and a black spirit by the doorway on the outside of her house. This black spirit was a good one, and I sensed from its energy that it was responsible for assisting the dead to their next life.

I told all of this to Marta, and she admitted that she did ritualistic prayers to one of the many spirits that are honored in her Haitian heritage.  She petitioned the spirit Ghede for favors and protection for her family. She further explained that Ghede is considered a good spirit who aids the newly deceased.  At the time of her reading, I had never heard of this helper spirit of the dead, nor did I have any familiarity with Haitian spiritual culture.  So to receive validation that she understood my Vision was a relief for me!

I then connected to the thoughts and intentions of Ghede.  I discovered that he was having trouble guiding this earthbound, young, male spirit to the Other- Side.  Ghede felt a kinship with Marta and had confidence that she would help him, so he managed to maneuver him into Marta’s home, hoping that she could connect with this young man and convince him to cross-over.

It was not clear to me what Marta had to do exactly, only that she had to help Ghede with his task concerning this particular lost soul. I didn’t receive any information from Ghede on how to do this nor did I receive any additional information from my own guidance. I also wasn’t receiving any direct communication from the male spirit. I was only getting a general sense of what had to be done.  I later suspected that Marta might have known of a powerful Haitian ritual that could greatly alleviate the emotional fears of the young frightened person who happened to be in spirit form!

I suggested to Marta that she pray for this young man instead of cursing at him. Ghede must have felt that Martha could somehow help.

Martha refused, saying she was too scared to do so.


I replied that it seemed to be a karmic exchange she had to do for Ghede.  Because Ghede had helped and protected her family for so many years, he probably had faith that she could now help him for once.  This was the first time I had encountered a client with this situation of a spirit expecting help in return; but I am not surprised that when a person is extensively involved with spirits, that such a situation could arise. When forming relationships with our helper spirits we all become family and help each other.

I thought to myself, “Well, what do you expect from dealing with a spirit that ushers dead souls to the next plane?”


Petitioning spirits of the dead is no joke.  They are usually very busy and have the difficult job of dealing with the emotional baggage that the earthbound spirit has from either a difficult life or a traumatic death.  Guardian spirits of the dead can alleviate a lot of pain by explaining to the dead person what has happened to them and where they must go.  This is very sacred work and not to be taken lightly.

If Marta had been praying to a Nature Spirit, she might have encountered a different request. But because Ghede’s main role was dealing with the recently deceased and ushering them to the next plane of existence, it was not surprising that the favor Marta had to return would be something like this.  Marta had unintentionally invited a lost soul into her home because of the type of spirit she petitioned to for so many favors.

I told Marta that she would have to figure out how she would help this lost soul to the afterlife.  It could be through prayers or maybe by allowing the recently deceased to have a temporary stay in her home until they felt ready to cross over. She could talk to the spirit and console it. The young male spirit obviously felt comfortable and safe around Marta and perhaps was using this time to adjust to the fact that he was no longer alive.  I also felt this lost soul didn’t really understand what to do or where to go.  Maybe Marta’s home would be a place of peace and solace for him until he somehow got over the shock of being dead.

Nevertheless, Marta was reluctant to involve herself.

When Marta complained about the whole situation, I informed her that she can’t just “take, take, take” from her protector spirit for all of these years and then expect not to at least help out at some point. Marta, however, wasn’t in the mood to help out and was just too scared. In fact, she was rattled so much from these experiences that she didn’t want to honor Ghede any longer. I suspected at this point, that Marta might have been going through some spiritual tests of faith.

I assured her that to honor her guardian spirit Ghede would still be good and to continue doing so.

Because Marta seemed completely unwilling to help, I decided to help the lost spirit myself. I lit a smudge bundle and then blew out the flames. As the white sage smoked, I invited that lost soul to enter my home. Then, I imagined holy light coming into me and then enveloping me with love and warmth. I sent that to the earthbound soul.  Next, I asked that his angels come forward and guide him to where he must go.  I did everything in ten seconds while Marta was still on the phone.

The young man’s spirit crossed-over immediately.




I told Marta that the spirit is now gone and to keep me posted of any further disturbances.  I warned her that there was a reason why Ghede brought the earthbound spirit to her and that she was supposed to help this young man go to his next life by either talking or consoling him in some way.  Maybe this young male spirit needed Marta’s understanding and somehow could identify with her and trust her.

However, because Marta did not do this, there is still an outstanding debt regarding the help she was supposed to give Ghede. I told her not to be surprised if another ghost comes into her home. If she does have another problem like this, instead of cursing the spirit, she could try to have understanding and sympathy.  Again, I suggested that she do prayers and merely tell the people spirits that it is okay to go with Ghede to the next life. Or, Marta could ask their angels to come forward and assist.

Even though I did Marta’s task for her, I believed that she would eventually have another earthbound soul in her home who needed her help. Marta had a karmic debt to repay Ghede, and it would become due sooner or later.

A year later, I again received a call from Marta wanting a psychic reading.  At the conclusion of the reading I had to ask whether she had further ghost problems at home. She said yes. I tuned in to see if it was the previous lost soul that was there before, but it wasn’t.  It was someone new. I reminded her of what she had to do, but she still refused.  Marta did not respond much to my advice, but at least was aware of the circumstances.

In concluding this account,  Marta had asked for Ghede’s help; a guardian spirit recognized in the Haitian culture as one who helps lost souls.  So many times Ghede required her help in his tasks which was to usher souls to the other side. One of the unrealized facts of getting extensive spiritual assistance and protection is that helper spirits might need our help too!  Maybe a listening ear to someone in need or a prayer for someone in pain could be our call to duty.  In Marta’s case it was to offer comfort to a frightened person who happened to be in spirit form.  Ghede needed her to console the spirit so that it would not be afraid to move forward into his next life, but Marta was too afraid to act. Or, maybe she just didn’t feel like it.

Do not be afraid to follow your spiritual helper’s request for assistance.  If you receive an inkling  that maybe your guardian angel needs help with someone, please do not be afraid to act.  Angels will call upon us to help if they are not received by their petitioners, as such was the case with Ghede.  Offer a helping hand.  We are all a part of Holy Spirit, ask what you can do to help!



Rev. Shamalah-Allah

Angels Offer the Gift of Healing

Angels Offer the Gift of Healing: Angels will always offer the gift of healing.  The time out of your schedule and quiet space offered to them for this healing is up to you.  Angels work in many different capacities, however in order to receive their Light or healing energy, one must be able to receive it.  Light or healing energy works much like a battery charge; Angels can literally re-charge you with much needed life-force energy.  Many Beings from the upper spiritual worlds refer to this life-force energy as “Light”.

Unfortunately, many do not take the time to give Angels quiet space for healing because they like to watch t.v. or spend time with others.  Giving Angelic Beings your time and quiet space will allow them to work on your energetic field so that you can receive much needed healing.  Allowing yourself to sit for 5 to 10 minutes in silence each day with your hands relaxed and palms up on your lap would suffice in receiving tons of emotional healing and mental balance that would allow you to recover from many ailments.  Suffering with emotional pain is not necessary; recovery time with a loss of a loved-one and healing oneself of medical problems is much easier with the guidance and assistance of the Angels.  Angelic work is never done.  Allowing them into your life is allowing prosperity into your life.  No one is without their Angelic Guidance, open yourself up their healing and wisdom.

Love and Light,

Rev. Shamalah-Allah



Mind, Consciousness, Accepting Change


Accepting Change Creates New Hope


Mind, Consciousness, Accepting Change – There are times when the Mind and Consciousness will naturally shift; this occurs with accepting change.  The Mind and Consciousness shifts frequently when we go through a life crisis. But what is the Mind and the Consciousness?  The Mind is that part of ourselves that we identify with as our everyday thinking patterns and the Consciousness is  that part of ourselves which determines how well we perceive things that are closest to our sense of truest Self.  When there is a crisis in our lives, the everyday Mind and the Consciousness will shift; it will move in a direction of thought that is quite different than what we are used to.  This shift is usually  perceived as painful, but in actuality, it is this shift that will discontinue the current pain and create a new space to allow the person to move  up and forward in their lives. This creates less painful experiences in their future. There are no guarantees as to how painful an experience can be.  However, to shift an experience from more painful to less, one must be open to accepting that change faster rather than slower.


Accepting change and learning how to navigate through a difficult truth will quicken the shifting of the Mind and Consciousness together, that way the experience does not have to be so painful.  Many will refer to this concept as: “Letting go of the Past”, but the phrase “Acceptance of What Simply Is” would be a more accurate description.     Many will try to fulfill empty dreams without first realizing their truest nature.  Realizing your truest nature involves accepting where you are currently at in your life; accepting what you can or cannot do; accepting that improvements may be needed in education and training to get to the next level of advancement and be willing to face that challenge.  Accepting yourself where you are now and allowing shifts in your Mind and Consciousness to occur will allow you to experience your life with less painful memories.  Your Soul can handle anything if there is a willingness to change and bend with newly discovered realities.  There are no guarantees as to how painful a life experience can be for someone, but to allow new discoveries to come in will ease the adjustment and bring one to well-being a bit faster.

Many Blessings, Rev. Shamalah-Allah

Notice How You Feel


Remember how you felt, while looking at the above picture. Even if it was just for 1 second, it raised your vibration from a lower/slower rate, to a higher/faster rate. Did you feel relaxed? Calm? at Peace? I know I did when I first saw that picture. It’s beautiful, colorful and relaxing. It made me feel good inside.

Angels are made of pure Light and Love, so doing things to put you in a state of peace and happiness allows Angelic Communication to be clear and consistent. Below is a list of suggestions that can help you RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!….be creative and add to this list with any comments you might have.

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Spiritual Healing and Working with the Universal Life Force Energy

All forms of spiritual healing is linked with one common presumption: A faith in the universal life force.  There are many different spiritual healing modalities from laying-on-of-hands to color therapy.  The common concept threaded in all of these modalities lies within the power of the universal life force.  This force, sometimes referred to as ‘Chi’, is inside each and every one of us.  Whether you believe the universal life force is of a higher power such as God, or it comes from nature, is fine. One can tap into this wonderful energy and channel it to heal the body, mind and soul.   This invisible life force energy also affects non-living objects, such as rocks and crystals.

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The Path of a Spiritual Medium’s Soul: The Upperworld, Middleworld and Underworld Realms

Each Medium’s soul may be tasked with working in the upperworlds, middleworlds or underworlds of spiritual reality. Therefore the spiritual communication of each Medium will be different from each other and difficult to assess what is “good” to do as far as speaking with spirits.  I will not expand upon all of the information about the upper, middle or underworlds because it is too vast and I only have limited knowledge of each, but will use these terms as a reference to help us all better understand the sources of where spiritual and psychic information can come from; and to also better understand which realm the Medium’s soul is working in.

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The Art of Silence

One of the most profound ways to change in consciousness is being present with others while they are suffering; that is enough It is a form of spiritual healing. Th emotional support you offer someone through your silence and listening is the act of acknowledging their strength and honoring their holy existence.


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When Death Becomes Us

It is okay to talk about Death. It becomes us, it befalls us. It, meaning Death, is a perception of reality that is necessary to understand, so that we may become more accustomed to its ways and meanings. It, meaning Death, is a transitional period from one life to the next. It’s meaning can be very “stubborn” to most, in that we often think of Death as something final or stagnant in some way.  But Death is a necessary form of life. It is that form of life that lies in a restful state before it is reformed and/or rejuvenated to continue.

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Eventually, all roads of healing will lead you to living in authenticity.  Being authentic with yourself and others means living out your own truth.  It requires us to untangle ourselves from the value systems of our social groups and to discover who we are and what we find important and valuable.  Authenticity sometimes takes an entire lifetime to achieve because this state is not encouraged by our parents or peers, who usually want us to live our life in ways that are agreeable to them.  Ironically, their beliefs and values are probably not authentically their own!  People who are consciously living out their truth will know the spiritual importance of being authentic and allow others to do the same.

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How Do You Feel About Yourself?

Each time you speak, psychic energy is contained in the vibration of your voice.  Anyone whose had a reading with me knows that I connect to psychic information through the vibration of your voice.  I will also connect to the vibration of the first name of the person you are asking about. Asking the right question helps me sift through these millions of bits of information in order to hone in on what you need to know.  Ask the right question and you get answers that help you.  Most of my work however, involves people asking about how another person feels about them; rarely does anyone ask how they feel about themselves.

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