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How to Listen to Our Angels

Listening to our Angels is like listening to the wind or watching the clouds pass by. It is about us paying attention to how we feel and listening to our inner voice that guides us through our daily lives and through difficult times. As you live from day to day it is usually very noisy […]

Angels, Angels Everywhere

ANGELS  They are with us while we work, they are with us when we sleep. They are especially with us when we think and feel. You may say, but Shamalah-Allah, I think and feel all of the time! Well, then, your Angels are there with you always. The first step in getting a 2-way radio […]

Do Angels Exist?

Many people ask me if Angels Exist. Yes. At least I believe and know that they do. It is only a matter of learning how to speak and listen in their language. Angels communicate with pure thought, feeling and pictures, so it takes some time and patience.