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Boundaries, Where Are They?

Each and every time I do a reading, it most often involves boundaries.  I am definitely not claiming to be the expert on boundaries, however, Spirit Guides and Angels give an awful lot of messages around them. For me, boundaries are a sensitive topic, I struggle with it all of the time. Hence the reason […]


Channeled Messages from My Angelic Guidance: DREAMS Dreams often times represent a toxic waste dump for all of the person’s unfulfilled thoughts, wishes and false hopes.  It may not actually have value unless proper action is taken. “Manifestation” is the preferred term we like instead of the word “dreams”.  Dreams in most cases (not all) […]

Aromatherapy: Spiritual Healing with Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil is one of my favorite oils to use and mix with other oils.  Eucalyptus has an intrinsic medicinal use. It has expectorant properties and has an uplifting and warming effect.  It is used in so many medicines for upper respiratory conditions because it clears out viruses and bacterias.  It is considered […]

Our Basic Need For Love

The energy of love is extremely powerful. It is a need much like breathing itself.  It is important for us to realize that not all forms of love come in a pretty package.  For example, jealousy is actually a form of love; jealousy is to love what someone else has too much.  Sometimes love can […]

What is the “Psychic Eye” ?

Everyone has a “psychic eye”. But what is it really? First of all, it is not really seeing with your eyes. Psychic vision is “seeing” but the word “seeing” has a different meaning in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world “seeing” is used in the same way as the word “knowing”.  If a psychic person says […]

How To Fight a Good Fight

Fighting Gives You Free Access To Real Information That You Did Not Intend To Receive It’s official. You are in a fight. It is with your mother, father, brother, sister, in-law, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, dog, cat, lover, teacher, husband, wife.  Fighting is never fun and we usually do not have it on our “To Do […]

Life Cycles of the Mind

MENTAL EVENTS=CYCLES LIFE EVENTS=CYCLES MENTAL EVENTS+ LIFE EVENTS=CYCLES ************************************* There are events that occur in the mind that are considered cycles. Life events also occur in cycles.  Life events are simply reflections of events that have occurred in the mind.  For example, when we conclude a relationship, such as in divorce, we have decided to […]

Black Candles: The Void

How To Use Black Candles Black candles are grounding cords into the universe. It is a wide subject to cover but in time you will feel what I’m talking about once you’ve used this power after several times.  Black candles are not grounding cords into the earth, it grounds into a subsection of the universe […]