Animal Readings

Shamalah-Allah has a keen sense for psychic communication with animals.

About Shamalah-Allah

Shamalah-Allah is a California based online Psychic, Medium and Healer. She enjoys working with animals and helping you communicate with your animal friends.

Please provide a digital photo of your animal (living or past) for me to connect with its spirit. I empathetically connect with your animal through its perspective and emotions.

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Phone & E-mail Consultations

Shamalah’s Spiritual Practice is
100% mobile!

Appointments accepted from around the globe. I can use Skype for International calls.

Your Phone or Skype reading comes with a money-back guarantee:

If I cannot connect accurately to the information within the first 10 minutes, I will refund all of your money.

(Sorry, this guarantee cannot apply to email readings.)

Services Include:

~ Pet Readings regarding problem behavior
~ Health problems
~ Pets that have passed
~ Pet relationship problems with people

I Can Read Pets Including:

~ Lizards
~ Mice
~ Fish
~ Birds
~ Horses
~ Turtles

Along with any type of zoo animal

Shamalah’s Animal Friends

How it Works

~ Shamalah-Allah connects to your animal (living or passed) with the first name and a photo. Please email the photos.
~ She is then able to see and feel what your animal experiences

~ She receives thoughts and impressions from the animal’s perspective

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