Where Do Our Thoughts Go Once We’ve Thought Them?

Help Me Shamalah-Allah! I’m Drowning in my Own Thoughts and There is No Escape!!!

There are tons of thoughts that race through our minds each minute of the day. But do you ever think to wonder where does all of those thoughts go?  It just makes me tremble to think about it! I thought of natural disasters happening the other day and also about a baby dying.  There are things that go through my mind and I don’t even know where it comes from.  Sometimes I have random thoughts about cars racing or a tree falling.  Other times I will remember about a fight I had with my mom or I’ll have a thought about how lucky I was that I didn’t run over that kid that suddenly jumped in the street.  Some thoughts I have are more positive, like when I first walked my little doggie Nikki when she was a little puppy or how I first learned Reiki.  I also think about how grateful I am for a warm place to sleep at night and how my immune system had improved so much over the years.  It feels so good not to get colds and flus several times a year anymore.  I also will notice how beautiful my plants are and how I love my little beta fish Sophie who somehow has lived for 3 years!: I do Reiki on her, don’t tell anyone!   ;  )

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