Good Medicine

We all know what medicine is in the physical sense. But do you know what Spiritual Medicine is?

One type of spiritual medicine is actually called Animal Medicine. It is the knowledge from the animal kingdom that has been acquired from various Native American tribes through sweat lodges, visions, prayer, and divindation.  The teachings can vary from tribe to tribe and it is knowledge from nature that is imparted to people in order to assist us in our soul’s journey and life path.

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ArchAngel Raphael – Burning the Yellow Flame

ArchAngel Raphael
Burning the Yellow Flame

Communicating with Angels can bring about wonderful change and insight. It can also help us with emotional and mental healing in methods that involve using energy. Using energy, I have found, is much quicker and heals conflicts on deep emotional and spiritual levels. It doesn’t require words or complicated techniques.
Messages from ArchAngel Raphael can assist us in tapping into these healing energies. Please read the channeled writings for your own healing. Notice that it is extremely short and easy.

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