Psychic Attack


PSYCHIC ATTACK- “the transference of negative energy between two persons through the use of telepathic skills; the sender deliberately sends her or his feelings and thoughts of hate, jealousy, harm resentment, etc., their confused situation, their sickness, or their unpleasant circumstances; receiver feels uncomfortable, ill, or in a negative attitude and does not always understand that it is not of his or her own doing; easily transferable if there is a strong bond of love or hate between the two psychic persons and if one leaves their PSYCHIC DOORS open all of the time, or after a long encounter in which the two interacted, such as spending all day together….” (June G. Bletzer, PHd, The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary).

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Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?


About 8 months ago I discovered a new term for myself. It’s called a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON. It’s not so spooky or stand-offish like the word Psychic or Witch or Voodoo Lady. And it doesn’t sound so ethereal like Angel Communicator, Clairvoyant or Empathic. A Highly Sensitive Person or HSP for short is a nice practical descriptive word that definitely describes me and I think a lot of other people that I usually speak to. So I’ve decided to share the nuts and bolts of this new term (at least new to me).

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