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Your Life Experience is not Only About the View


Psychic, Medium & Spiritual Healer

It is Also About Those Who Share In It

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When We Only See the Rough Waters


Psychic, Medium & Spiritual Healer

We May Only Need to Expand Our View


During Life’s Journey, I Help You Tap into Truth and Spiritual Healing

About Shamalah-Allah

Hello, I’m Shamalah-Allah, a California-based Psychic, Medium and Healer. I am here to help you learn and grow through the trials in your life. Some of the many services that I offer include:

Clairvoyance – The ability to see into your future.

Medical Intuitive – Helping your healing process.

Mediumship – Delivering guided messages from the Spirit World.

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Shamalah Allah is a California based online Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant. She can help you contact your departed loved ones with her mediumship skills. Consultations are by Phone, Skype, In-Person and Email. Shamalah’s Spiritual Practice is 100% mobile! Appointments accepted from around the globe. Locally serving the Bay Area since 1999 including: Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Menlo Park, Milpitas, Mountain View, Redwood City, Half-Moon Bay, El Granada, Pacifica, Daly City, San Francisco.

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  • Clairvoyance

    We live in the present; but we are constantly faced with decisions that create our future. Relationships, work and family are important to us; and Shamalah-Allah can to tell you what future you are creating for yourself.

  • Healing Intuitive

    We are not here to suffer; but through it we can re-discover and understand ourselves in a new light. We alone have the power to heal ourselves. Shamalah-Allah has the ability help us understanding our illness, which can aid in the healing process.

  • Mediumship

    When we lose a loved one there may be many unanswered questions, or we may just want to know if they are around us. Shamalah is a natural-born medium and can make a connection to the other side.

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